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#D8CX: I pledge that CAS will have a full Drupal 8 release on the day that Drupal 8 is released.

Using the excellent phpCAS library, we have created a small Drupal module to allow single sign-on with CAS.


phpCAS is a fantastic library for integrating Central Authentication Services into PHP applications. The library is well-documented and is licensed under the LGPL. CAS is a Java-based single sign-on solution originally developed at Yale and later placed under the auspices of JA-SIG (Java Architectures - Special Interest Group). CAS has quickly become the most popular single sign-on solution for universities. In its most simple use (CAS can also proxy single sign-on), CAS authenticates users and sends the user to the requested application with a ticket. The application is then responsible for authenticating the ticket (behind the scenes, with a tool like cURL) and automatically logging the user in if the ticket is valid.

LDAP & CAS Attributes Integration

Integration with LDAP and CAS attributes is provided by a separate CAS Attributes module maintained by the same developers.


Please read the release notes before upgrading from CAS 6.x-2.x to CAS 6.x-3.0. In particular, note that the database schema has changed in such a way that you cannot revert to CAS 6.x-2.x after the upgrade.

Drupal 8 Version

This branch is being actively developed during Drupal 8's alpha and beta. The CAS module has no other module dependencies, so there's nothing holding back development. By the time of Drupal 8's full release, it's expected that this module will also have a full release or release candidate. The focus is on getting the client working first (more useful), and then moving on to the server component.

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