This modules provides integration with the cameratag service. It provides a field fomatter that can be used to record videos from the users computer and display the videos using the cameratag service.

About cameratag

Cameratag allows users to :

  • Record new videos using the webcam or mobile devices. It allows uploads
  • Upload video files already on their computers or mobile devices
  • Playback any CameraTag video on any computer or device with one line of code


Enable the module and go to admin/config/cameratag. There you can setup your cameratag API Key and camera uuid. These can be found under the cameratag settings panel.

After this setup your fields in any content type and choose the widget "Camera field". In your field settings you will be able to configure specifics for the cameratag recording and display like :

  • Width of the camera recorder
  • Height of the camera recorder
  • Max length of the recordings on this field
  • Video Source
  • Aspect ratio for the video
  • Height of the video tag to display the video
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