This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Blog API module enables a post to be published to a site via external GUI applications. Many users prefer to use external tools to improve legibility and posting responses in a customized way. The Blog API provides users the freedom to use the blogging tools they want but still have the blogging server of choice.

When this module is enabled and configured, you can use a variety of programs to create and publish posts from your desktop. Blog API module supports several XML-RPC based blogging APIs such as the Blogger API (outdated), MetaWeblog API, and most of the Movable Type API. At some point, there may be efforts to support the Wordpress API and the new RESTful Blogger API.

Please try the 7.x-2.x release! We need you to test it and report bugs!

Currently maintained by Artyom Miroshnik ("m1r1k") and Cameron Eagans ("cweagans").

Redevelopment of this module made possible by our generous sponsors:

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