UPDATE: I (rhuffstedtler) have just taken ownership of this module. I realize there are a ton of open issues. It's going to take me a little time to work through them, but I'll start doing an initial triage this weekend (11 Apr 2015). If anyone wants to help, I'd welcome it.

This bible module provides user to read Bible on Drupal. Web administrators can import their own bible context into database, multi-version import and select one version to read is provided.

Module Functions
1. Read Bible online. You can read bible in Drupal system and don't need jump to somewhere else.
2. Search Bible verses. Enter keyword and search all verses contain this keyword. Combined keyword search not supported.
3. BLS Filter. Turn on BLS Filter, and one can use [GEN:1:1] to embbed verse in node-page. Multi-verse is avaible.
4. Block Daily Golden Verse.
5. Multi-Bible reading.
6. Strong Number AJAX functions.
7. Strong Number Search in Bible.
8. Bible data of commentary, music, daily reading,etc.
9. Web Import function.
10. User-mark verse set function and "My Verse" link.
11. Inline passage. User can turn on filter function, and use BLS syntax to add passage in article.
12. Bible change selector.
13. Browser language detect choose bible.
14. Reference Verse function.
15. Bible note function.
16. Bible Gallery data.

For more information, please visit http://drupalbible.org/

Project Information