Fancy login forms for Drupal :).

Styling Drupal login/password/registration forms are a mission most of the time because they form part of the theme... This module removes that issue, it is slightly inspired by the way Wordpress login forms work, and uses three page templates to change the style of the forms. It is very simple to use, just install the Better Login module and it starts working immediately.

How it Works

This module uses four templates:

  • page--user--login.tpl.php
  • page--user--password.tpl.php
  • page--user--register.tpl.php
  • page--user--reset.tpl.php

These sit in the /templates directory in the module. You can override them by copying the templates out of the module and into your theme directory.

Alternatively if you are happy with the templates you can easily just alter the CSS styles in your theme.

Known Issues

This module doesn't currently support Omega 4 layouts. You will need to disable the Omega layouts feature before this module will work. Read the following on the project page:

The Omega theme provides layouts as a method of managing page templates along with layout specific stylesheets and regions. This allows you to write highly customized layouts that can be contextually switched. You can disable this feature to use the plain page.tpl.php or even use Omega 4.x together with Panels and Panels Everywhere to gain even more control over your pages if required.


If you are using Better Login let me know and I will put a link to your site or sites here. You can create an issue with a link to your site or contact me via my private contact form.


Initial development of this module was sponsored by Amoebasys.

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