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Better Messages with Cube/Tao theme

Better Messages is a very simple module that provides "Popup-like" Drupal messages.

Better Messages intends to let you control where and how you want to see your Drupal messages! Combine different animations and override better_messages.tpl.php to create your custom look.

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This module provides a simple interface to alter the default Drupal messages! Currently it allows you to do the following:

  • Control the position and width of the popup message relative to screen.
  • Control the animation for opening, and for closing the popup message.
  • Enable or disable popup messages at specific pages.
  • Works with AHAH submits. COOL!!
  • Override the popup message by coping and altering better_messages.tpl.php into your theme directory.
  • Override the popup message CSS by coping and altering better_messages.css file in your theme directory.
  • Optional dependency on jQuery UI module which can make the message draggable.
  • Control countdown timer for auto closing messages.
  • Cross browser support! Works with any browser you can possible imagine.
  • This modules degrades gracefully for browsers with JavaScript disabled.

Better Messages implements a standard jQuery implementation without other module dependencies.

Module has conflict issue with Commerce add to cart confirmation module (

Better Messages for Drupal 8

We are in alpha stages for 8.x version. We expect to cover the most common use cases and welcome everybody to use the module.

If someone tests/uses this module and provides feedback we will be very thankful.

Please use the issue queue for anything in mind, I accept all suggestions and comments. :)

This module is sponsored and developed by Vardot.


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Development of 8.x version

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