Bean is an acronym that stands for Block Entities Aren't Nodes.

This is a great introductory article about what the bean module.

What is Bean?
Think of a Bean as a method to provide new types (compared to node this would be a content type) which then provides an add content interface to create as many blocks as you require (see screenshot below). The bean content can then be placed around the site just like any other block.

Beans were driven by the API first. This means that you can create block types (bean types) all in a plugin class turning off the UI. The entire configuration in code. No worry about feature reverts.

Read documentation here.
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Drupal 8 support

As Drupal 8 supports fields on its block entities, this module is not needed for new sites. For Drupal 7 sites upgrading to Drupal 8 a discussion is underway, please join the conversation and help where you can.

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