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Beach theme has its own story but (maybe) we're too busy to describe a fairy tale while coding and doing graphics for new original Drupal theme.

Briefly, this theme was provided by Indo-Thai Drupal Community(Indian contribution is added later for D7 and up versions) because it's too lonely to be unique site on the beach (or under deep blue sea), so we decided to contribute this theme for everyone who in love with Drupal (and we hope you'll love us, too).

Let's test and beach up your site!

WARNING : At the moment, this theme will intentionally strip off any CSS files from Drupal core module directory (modules folder) and replace them with a single file (drupal6-core.css) or two (drupal6-core-rtl.css). The reason is to reduce page load time and remove unnecessary duplicated style (with Beach theme only). So you MUST place any contrib modules into another place like sites/all/modules or sites/default/modules or sites/yoursite/modules to prevent the unexpected behaviors that may affect those modules. See node/518450. We'll find another smarter method to fix this problem ASAP.

Standard Features

  • Site logo
  • Site name
  • Site slogan
  • Mission statement
  • Top search box
  • Primary Links
  • Secondaryry Links
  • Top and Bottom content block regions
  • User pictures in posts and comment
  • Accessibility Navigation
  • Tableless Layout

Advance Features

  • Built-in theme settings
  • 1 Left, 1 Right, Both sides or None sidebar
  • Flexible Footer block regions (up to 4 regions)
  • 6 levels of page width, from 780px, 840px, 960px, 1020px, 1140px and Fluid page width. (inside theme settings) For Drupal 6. Now for Drupal 7 branch you can set any width :) through theme setting page.
  • jQuery Transparent PNG Fix for IE6 and below (inside theme settings)
  • Add/Remove your own customized CSS stylesheet (inside theme settings)
  • Add/Remove Breadcrumb (inside theme settings)
  • Add/Remove "Back to top" link (inside theme settings)

I am in precess of cleaning issues queue. Feel free to reopen it if you are not satisfied with answers or solution. Fix sevaral issues.
Lets move toward rc1.
Since last 4 years no new release and issue fix work was done.
I take this theme for further development and move forward.

Review live site at

Theme is actively developed and supported on developer's off time.
If you would like to say thanks, buy a drink for developer or provide your approval to my 'Drupal Theme' skill (endorsement) at LinkedIn.

Theme developer is also available at to customize Drupal theme or create/develop entirely new theme as per your requirements.

Drupal 7

Beta version release. Though beta version is quite stable and ready for production use I need (RTBC) community testing. I am working for stable release.

Drupal 8

I will start work on it after I rolled out stable version of 7.x branch.

Upcoming features.

  • Separate front page.
  • Maintenance page
  • Print media CSS

Quick step-by-step theme guide

It is very easy to set Drupal site with Beach theme. Just install and follow the step-by-step guide.

Themes by same(itapplication) developer

  • Black. Dark and black theme. Three designs in a single theme.
  • White. Web 2.0 and white theme with plenty of white space.
  • Red. Dark and red theme. Two designs in a single theme
  • 0 Zilch. Light weight theme
  • Photo. Full screen slide show of photos. Useful for portfolio, photo artist, designers.
  • Biography. Theme useful for portfolio, resume and biography.

- Shivcharan Patil.

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