The bad performance module purposely decreases the response time and increases the CPU load of any Drupal site it's installed on.

For reasons that are hopefully obvious, it requires the Bad Judgement module.

This module was written for Drupal Systems Administrator training hosted by Coldfront Labs Inc. to give new administrators a consistently slow Drupal site to optimize with supporting technologies like memcache and Varnish.

If you want to practice your Drupal optimization tricks and techniques, this module is for you.

Out of the box, you get three kinds of performance problems:

  • Database Latency
  • CPU Load on boot
  • CPU Load increases with each entity that's loaded

You can configure how much database latency is added per query and can adjust a CPU load multiplier (since different CPUs will obviously take a different amount of wall time.)

Supporting organizations: 
Provides training on how to mitigate performance problems caused by this module (and other modules.)

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