An example that may require this module.

Trust me. You shouldn't be enabling this module.

But if you do enable this module, you shouldn't be enabling the module that requires this module either.

So what does this module do exactly?

This module provides an explicit dependency for modules whose usage requires bad judgement. Joke modules often require "bad judgement".

For example: Its probably a bad idea to install the “Who’s your daddy?” module since its possible to configure it to WSOD your website. That's why that module cannot be enabled before first downloading and enabling "bad judgement". That step should make you think twice about enabling “Who’s your daddy?”

Ironically, this module is actually a good idea, as it can prevent people from doing stupid things. Given that, should you enable it? Definitely not.

Modules that require bad judgement:

Drupal 9 version

After 15 Drupal 6 and 39 Drupal 7 Release Candidates and 2 embarrassingly awesome Drupal 8 releases, the Bad Judgement team is proud to finally present the next generation of Bad Judgement:

Bad Judgement 9.x-3.0

While Drupal 9 has yet to have any releases or even any commits (slackers!), we have have created a release compatible with both Drupal 9 and Drupal 7 websites. So even Drupal 7 websites can see the insane awesomeness that is Bad Judgement 9.x-3.0.

Even Better Downloads

Version Downloads Date Links
9.x-3.0 tar.gz (8.83 KB) | zip (10.29 KB) 2012-Dec-06 Notes   \m/

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First post!

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  - John (JohnAlbin)

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It seems to me that all of the modules I currently maintain should have this as a dependency. Can you provide a drush script to bulk-update all of my .info files to mark them as dependent?


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This isn't the issue queue. You should be posting over there.

I would say “next time use better judgement”, but I can see that's not a project on :-\

  - John (JohnAlbin)

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Will this module help me win a frivolous lawsuit?

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Where's the Drupal 9 version? We need Bad Judgement at least 2 versions ahead!

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My hair began to grow better when I install this module on the site