This module provides database backup and export functionality. Thanks to the PHP version of mysqldump. This module is similar to Backup and Migrate without all the bells and whistles.


  • Supports sqlite, mysql, pgsql and dblib
  • Supports compression gzip and bzip2
  • Tracks local export history
  • Supports a large option set as found in mysqldump
  • Allows backups to be exported locally or downloaded directly
  • Supports stored procedures
  • Include and exclude tables on export

This module depends upon Composer to install (it's dependencies) the mysqldump-php library; please follow the installation section in the readme.


In addition to the web interface; BackupDatabase may also be invoked manually by calling the following service. The adapter being interchanged as required.

$client = \Drupal::service('backup_db.client');
$handler = new BackupDatabaseS3Adapter($client);


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