The Windows Azure Authentication module allows users to log in to your drupal site using Windows Azure's federated login system. Currently, only Windows Live and Google are supported as identity providers. Additionally, only Simple Web Tokens are supported. SAML 2.0 support is planned.

Installation and Usage

  1. Configure your Windows Azure account. Once your account is active:
    1. Create a namespace under the Service Bus.
    2. Open the management portal for the namespace.
    3. Add identity providers. Google and Windows Live ID are currently supported.
    4. Add a relying party application for your site. The return URL should be http://[your-host]/azure-auth/authenticate and the error URL should be http://[your-host]/azure-auth/authenticate/error. Token format should be SWT. Token encryption is not supported so leave Token encryption policy at "none". Select the identity providers you wish to use, and select a new rule group or create a new one. If you create a new one, you must generate claims for the identity providers, specifically the "nameidentifier" claim, as this is used to uniquely identify users. Generate or enter your token signing key.
  2. Install the module.
  3. Configure the module for your Windows Azure account at admin/config/people/azure-auth.

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