The Autosave module automatically saves a snapshot of your content type form using AJAX. If the user's browser or machine dies while editing a node; the edits will be presented to the user the next time they return to the node. The user may toggle back and forth between the last saved version and the version with the edits that were lost and select which of these they would like to continue with.

Drupal 8

No support for Drupal 8 will be provided. See Autosave form for the replacement.

Drupal 7

How often a form is autosaved as well as which content types to enable autosave for are admin configurable.

This module requires:
jQuery Update (Drupal 5 version only)
jQuery Field Plugin (modified version included with module)

6.x-2.x Version

NOTE: if used with JS editor requires latest dev version of WYSIWYG module and patch listed below.

  • 6.x-2.0 version is a complete re-write to remove dependencies on TinyMCE.
  • this version is now tied to the WYSIWYG module and currently is known to work with FCK, CK and TinyMCE 3.0 editors but requires the 6.x-2.x-dev version of WYSIWYG with this patch:; this patch should be committed soon and will eventually be expanded to include other editors. - WYSIWYG patch has been committed to -dev as of July 2012 and should be in 6.x-2.5 rel whenever that comes out.
  • As of version 6.x-2.8 there is now support for the CK editor without the use of the WYSIWYG module.

Drupal 6 release funded by, a NY Times Company. Also, thanks to jide for providing required WYSIWYG patches for this.

NOTE: Autosave uses a modified version of the jquery.field plugin (modified since it doesn't support Drupal field naming conventions very well). This version of the plugin was based on jquery 1.2 and does not work with jquery 1.3. Rev 6.x-2.7 DOES support jquery 1.3 and should still support jq 1.2. Please raise an issue if you find that it doesn't.

7.x-2.x version

Some new features in the dev version:

  • Can autosave all non-AJAX forms, not just node forms.
  • The popups are themeable.
  • Support for CKEditor

For AJAX forms see #1908264: Autosave adds only the first value in a multiple value field and doesn't work with many forms that rely on Ajax or $form_state.

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