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This organization is a Drupal services provider.
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Ottawa, Canada
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LiquidCMS is an Ottawa based web design firm that develops powerful web sites and web applications based on the Drupal Open Source platform.

LiquidCMS is a leader in providing Drupal services to clients such as the New York Times, Universal Music, Canadian Federal Government, US Aerospace Industry, MIT and others.

Drupal contributions

LiquidCMS maintains over 10 projects on and has submitted patches to most of the major projects and frameworks including Views, i18n, OG, Notifications and others.

Actively maintained projects include:
- Autosave
- Published Time
- PHP Error Report
- Mail Redirect
- Admin role

Community Contributions:
- platinum sponsor and member of organizational committee for Ottawa's first DrupalCamp
- over 1000 posts on raising issues, providing answers and submitting patches, solutions and fixes
- provide occasional support on IRC

Marketing contributions:
- designed for the world's largest recording label
- lead designer for (NY Times) one of the largest and highest profile Drupal sites in the world and featured on Time Magazine's "Top 50 Websites of 2009".
- other high profile clients include MIT, CalPoly, University of Maryland, Canadian Federal Government and others

Projects supported

Room Reservations, SimpleAds Overlay, Page Throbber, Scheduled Block, Published Time, Mail Redirect, Notices, LifeWire Diff, PHP Error Report, Plagiarism Checker - Authentication Framework, Showcase, Autosave