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Atrium Scrum is a collection of features to help implement a robust Scrum process on Open Atrium.

Features include:

  • Atrium Scrum: User Stories: Provides a content-type structured around the proven "As a <role>, I want to <feature request>, so that I can <goal>" agile pattern.
  • Atrium Scrum: Tasks: Exposes a task board to efficiently organize the team's efforts toward completing a Sprint's User Stories and their associated Tasks.
  • Atrium Scrum: Backlog: Provides an intuitive drag-and-drop UI for maintaining a Product Backlog, keeping it prioritized, and assigning User Stories to Sprints.
  • Atrium Scrum: Burndown: Charts ideal and available effort planned versus actual effort expended throughout the term of a Sprint.
  • Atrium Scrum: Daily Scrums: Schedules Daily Scrums, short daily status meetings, throughout Sprints
  • Atrium Scrum: Sprints: Allows for the flexible scheduling of Sprints
  • Atrium Scrum: Team: Integrates with user profiles, to allow Team Members to participate in Sprints, and take on Tasks.

Atrium Scrum was developed for and by the team at Check them out for secure reliable Open Atrium hosting.

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