This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

AppCtrl is the full D8 expression of Smart Service Systems for Buildings.

The service interaction for this module is developed from the general model...

[BigDATA] <--> [TARGET] <--> [CMS]

AppCtrl develops this general model in a structured manner to encompass all Application Specific Profiles (ASP) found in buildings. Examples of ASP are things like mechanical and electrical equipment that are included in buildings and consume electricity to perform some kind of function, like heating and cooling, lighting control, energy storage, etc.

AppCtrl presents this model as ...

[ASP] <--> [BUILDING] <--> [CMS}

Our starting point is a really "cool point", and we have developed a very unique hardware device (module) to serve as the example and explain the naming convention for additional plug-ins. We further define our Drupal AppCtrl module as

[BACnet] <--> [BUILDING] <--> Drupal

And we apply this to EVSE

[EVSE] <--> [BUILDING] <--> Drupal

So our naming convention for this is AppCtrl-EVSE-SSS

I describe this as a smart service system "bundle". It is a bundle because the hardware module (and the software that runs on this BACnet device) couples to the Drupal software AppCtrl module and the software plugins designed for this Drupal project. This get confusing, which is why we created this "bundling" naming convention.

Hopefully, this bundling approach will make it very easy for Architects and Engineers to specify the bundled system, and all the features they want included as part of the building projects they design.

So, what does this all mean? I can show the status of the EVSE on a Drupal site just by dropping in the plugin.

This opens up the ability for Drupal to be used as community based Workplace Charging Solutions.

NOTE: We presently have the hardware devices in place for [EVSE] - electric vehicle supply equipment, [EM] - electrical metering, [PP] - Power Packs, [SP] - Solar Panels, [GSHP] Ground Source Heat Pumps, and [VRV} - Variable Refrigerant Flow to name a few.

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