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This organization is a Drupal training provider.


"As BIG-NA we began to define the 'BACnet User', now as BIG-D we are completing that task" ... dbt102

We are people from the BACnet & Drupal communities on a mission to incorporate live energy and environmental data into the websites where people like to go on the internet.

Our objective is to explain the benefits of BACnet and Drupal, demonstrate real systems, guide Energy Camps ... all to enable improved energy savings and healthier environments.

We develop and test BACnet module(s) for Drupal. The modules embed dynamic energy and environmental data as content into Drupal based websites. The modules enable displays of "real-time" energy and environmental data as text, dials, graphs and charts.

Our primary focus is on the "service interaction" between the two unique types of technology provided by two of the world's leading “open” communities: ASHRAE - in the form of the BACnet open communication protocol, and Drupal - in the form of its open source content management system.

def: BACnet (Bulding Automation and Control networks)

Projects supported

AppCtrl, Smart Grid, Drupal Energy, Green Button, Smart Service Systems, BACnet

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We are experienced on running Energy Camps at any level to meet your specific needs, but essentially a one day camp comes in two 'flavors'.

The First is focused on experienced BACnet users who are pretty much clueless on what Drupal is. Over the course of a day we'll walk you through installing Drupal (and Apache, mySQL, and PHP) on your local computer. We'll apply many contributed modules to the core install and introduce concepts of mobile friendly sites by converting from the standard Drupal theme into a mobile ready responsive theme. On this base we'll add in the BACnet module and show you how to link diretly into your BACnet systems to display any data inside the Drupal framework. We'll then demostrate how to quickly turn your local development environment into an accessible live site available through the internet.

The Second type of camp is focused on experienced Drupal guys (and gals) who are pretty much clueless on what BACnet is. Here the Drupal developers will be introduced to the Building Automation and Control Networking protocol in a way to quickly figure out how to get to the data points they are after. Some advanced BACnet issues will be introduced so they can have a better understanding of the history of BACnet and how to work with facility engineers so that BACnet points can be displayed securely and managed accurately over the long term. The idea here is to get some 'high value' data to as many people as possible to heighten awareness of a facility's sustainablity efforts.

A two day camp would then simply go over Drupal the first day and BACnet the next.

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