Alpine Theme

Alpine is a GPL v3 Wordpress theme by the same name that I converted to Drupal 6 originally. Since Drupal 7 has been released, I have also updated Alpine for Drupal 7.

I have already added some extra regions and plan to add more in later versions. There is also a 100% CSS Only Primary Links menu dropdowns for Drupal 6 and Main Menu drop downs for Drupal 7. Alpine features some great default images and styles, but can be easily modified with your own images. It is great for a nature blog, hiking blog, and generally any other outdoors or nature related website.

Block Regions

  • Header Content
  • Search Box
  • Left Sidebar
  • Content Top
  • Highlighted
  • Content
  • Content Bottom
  • Tryptych Column 1
  • Tryptych Column 2
  • Tryptych Column 3
  • Footer

Alpine 1.x Features

  • Drupal 7 Ready!
  • 100% Pure CSS Primary Links Menu Dropdowns (No need for JS libraries!)
  • Content Top and Content Bottom Block Regions
  • 2 Column Layout
  • Left Sidebar
  • Custom Header Image - Easily Modified!
  • Header Content Region - Just comment out or remove the CSS for the #header background image on line #29 in the CSS.

Please Note: Alpine 1.x is being phased out for Alpine 2.x. Please upgrade!

Alpine 2.x Additional Features

  • *NEW* Tryptych block regions near footer.
  • Reduced file size for header image.

Alpine Future Plans

  • Create more default color templates
  • Perhaps create additional block regions

Original Alpine Wordpress theme designed by Andrew Revitt.
Drupal 6 Alpine theme converted by Arbor Web Development.
Drupal 7 Alpine theme converted by Arbor Web Development.

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Please let us know if you would like to see specific new features or have any issues in the issue queue to the right.

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