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Activemenus makes the standard Drupal navigation menu expandable. Clickable, highlighted regions are added to the menu. When a collapsed menu item is expanded, the child menu items are loaded dynamically through AJAX.

Formerly part of the Javascript Tools package, Tabs is now an independent module as of Drupal 6. It requires the Javascript Tools module, which for Drupal 6 is a small collection of commonly needed utility functions.

The module DHTML Menu handles expandable menus too, but it does not use AJAX and the entire menu tree is loaded in the HTML, so it may cause some issues with very large menus.

Originally authored by Nedjo Rogers. Thanks to chx for tips and help with the Drupal 6 update. Currently maintained by B-Prod.

version 2

This version allows to choose the menus on which the AJAX behavior should be activated and supports horizontal menus.

Drupal 7

Port to Drupal 7 just began, thanks to alexh. See #1430534: Port to Drupal 7 for helping.

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