Merges Profile2 forms into user account form.

Profile2 by default creates an additional tab for each new profile assigned to a user.
Alternatively the submodule "Profile2 pages" provides a separated pages for viewing and editing profiles.

BUT there was no way to integrate profiles into account's user form.

This module does it. Now every profile (admin/structure/profiles/manage) can be "merged" into account user form with a single checkbox.

  1. Create a profile as usual (eg. personal_data)
  2. Edit the profile (admin/structure/profiles/manage/personal_data) and check
    "Show this profile as part of user account form" option.
    [Tip]: weights matter if you want assign more than one profile.
  3. Don't forget to give the user proper permissions to edit his own profiles
    in admin/people/permissions:
    "Personal data: Edit own profile" in our example.

That's all, login as the target user and enjoy it ;)

Drupal 6 version.

This version is no more under active development, and will be minimally maintained.

Integration user core form fields (such as username, password, etc.) form with content profile.


  1. Install module.
  2. Enable Content Profile or Profile module
  3. Enable 'Use this content type as a content profile for users' on admin/content/node-type/profile

Now when going to User Edit page, you should see username, password integrated with your Content Profile. Have fun.


- Content (CCK) module
- Content Profile module


Difference between onepageprofile and this is that onepageprofile doesn't work with Content Profile.
#505680: Interoperability problems with Content Profile module
#577036: Working with onepageprofile module

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