Note: As of 2014-12-05, this module appears to no longer be supported. If you as the module maintainer feel this message has been posted in error, please reply to #2290957: The Affiliates module appears to be unsupported..
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This is an affiliates that was used on Mozilla marketing sites.

The modules allows setting up a distributed marketing and awareness campaign by encouraging users to setup links, banners and buttons on their site(s) linking to the site being promoted. Each click from remote sites is counted as points for the affiliate site on the promoted site.

On the promoted site, a top affiliates block and page display who gained the highest clicks with a link back to their site.

The block and page results are cached to avoid undue load from thousands or millions of clicks.

If Userpoints module is configured, users can get points for incoming click thrus. Requires Userpoints 2.0.

If User Referral module is configured, users can track their affiliate referrals.

This module is under active development and will have lots of new features coming in February. If you have any feature requests you would like to see implemented please post to our issue queue and watch this space.

Previous Maintainers

Paul Booker

Ported and maintained for a few releases by Khalid Baheyeldin (kbahey) of, Inc..

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