I've added the Image and Filestore modules to my drupal site and have activated the modules. After a bit of work on directories, they work.

I have noticed one problem, they don't seem to be written to have default blocks available. So, you can have a block to show "top downloads" or the new files, for filestore, but you can't have a block that gives a link to "available files" or the like. If someone isn't downloading a file or it isn't new, the only way that you seem able to find it is to dig through the daily archives. Does anyone know of a away to get a master block for, say, a "File Library" or the like.

The Image module has the same problem. I uploaded an entire gallery and you can see an image on it on the archive for that day and click on the gallery link there but there is no block to show "Available Image Galleries" or similar. Any solutions?