Last updated 25 December 2017.

Claiming a task

You can claim a GCI task, for Drupal at Drupal's Google Code-In page. You'll get the most out of the program if you choose tasks that interest you the most.

Once you claim a task, please create a account if you do not have one. If you are working on a task, assign the corresponding issue on to yourself (if any). This lets us know that you're working on it. Please post all your work on Google Code-In website. After registering an account on - join our group @

Submitting a task for review or clearing doubts about it

You may login to your Google Code-in account and view the instance of the task you claimed in your dashboard. The instance page for the task includes information related to the task, mentors who created the task and a form(the comment section) for submission. Links to all the deliverables are meant to be shared with the mentors through the comment section only. All the doubts can also be cleared from the comments section. It is advisable to do so because of the reason that comment sections provide more context to the doubts you may have in mind.


At the end of each task, you will find a link which mentions the deliverables for the task. Deliverables are the required materials that are to be submitted by the student as a proof of completion of the tasks.

Deliverables like blog posts require you to blog about a certain task. You will be supplementing the blog with some background information, steps you took to perform the task, screenshots of the steps, your experience during and after the completing of the steps and your views and opinions about what you intend to do with this newly gained knowledge in the future.
Deliverables like screencasting require you to submit a screencast of the task you are completing. You should explain the entire process and give an explanation to all the steps you take. Your screencast should be a summary of all the content already existing related to the task at hand. Everything should be clearly audible and visible to the viewer.
Deliverables like projects are the links to the websites that you have uploaded your project files on.
All the deliverables are to be original, to the point and easily understandable.

Contacting your friendly mentors

We're here to help you! You can find your mentor on the issue queue, on IRC, and/or by using their contact form. You can also ask questions on IRC or the issue queue that aren't directed at your specific mentor - other people are eager to help you as well. The most relevant IRC channels are #drupal-google (the main GCI channel for Drupal), #drupal-contribute and #drupal. For more information about IRC, please see the "Using IRC" section below.

Using the issue queue

The issue queue is central to the work process on Every bug, task, feature, or patch has its own unique issue. Most of the tasks on Google Code-In website, we provide links to the corresponding issue(s). That issue is dedicated to the completion of that task, and you can post any thoughts or work there for feedback or review. Please see for full documentation on how to use the issue queue.

Using IRC

IRC is an online chat protocol that we use to communicate with each other. You can either install an IRC client, or you can access IRC from the web at We will be using the #drupal-google channel for GCI related discussions, and mentors will be around in that channel to answer any questions you may have. Our other main channels are #drupal and #drupal-contribute, which you can also try if no one is answering in #drupal-google. For full information about IRC, please see

Adding Google Code-in as your organization

Once you created your Drupal account, go to Edit --> Work and add "Google Code-In" as your Organization and "Student" as your Job Title. Notice that the organization field is case sensitive, so you must write "Google Code-In" (not "Google Code-in", Google code-in", etc.). Adding an organization will allow you to attribute your contributions to Google Code-In. To do so, you will need to select Google Code-In as your organization in your comments on Remember that you must do this anytime you contribute to the community as part of the GCI program.

General resources

Important ladders to complete (Drupal ladders)

These are some links to the Drupal ladders. These are highly important to equip you with the skills needed to understand and use git to build on your new Drupal websites. There will also be specific ladders that will be recommended below, that will get you familiar about how to use git. If you don't know what git is don't worry! Go to Basics of Git

  • Introduction to Git
  • Here are some of the links that are essential to get a better understanding of git.

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