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MD5: 612cb4022a28c230d3c1203175ba9c97
SHA-1: 4caa75b311295577424154f8019a7f863edf3511
SHA-256: f5e77a0d4397de28454d91cc093cf5b04c3b89b79a491573b1e99d4f77c1a3a2
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MD5: f534bf9d297bd91b67dc48a796e81a49
SHA-1: 8df1f6dda2afc9716d2fec24f6071f88ed366b1c
SHA-256: 3f45039d25ccc07b92f01a19fac65fc5558cebc531e3ad8e048b455961257e34

Release info

Created by: levelos
Created on: November 24, 2010 - 00:09
Last updated: December 4, 2015 - 00:03
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

This is more or less a complete rewrite of this module. After a given timeout has passed, users are given a configurable session expired prompt. They can reset the timeout, logout, or ignore it in which case they'll be logged out after a the padding time has elapsed. This is all backed up by a server side logout if js is disable or bypassed.

This now includes all the new features from the 7.x.4.x branch. Marked by a bold asterisk.

* Configurable timeout and timeout padding. The latter determines how much time a user has to respond to the prompt and when the server side timeout will occur.
* Configurable messaging.
* Configurable redirect url, with the destination automatically appended.
* Configure which roles will be automatically logged out.
* Configure if a logout will occur on admin pages.
* Integration with jquery_ui if available. This makes for attractive and more functional dialogs.
* Configurable timeouts per role.
* Configurable timeouts per user.
* Configurable max timeout.
* Permission to let users in roles change their timeout.