Like pathauto, auto_nodetitle almost always fires up the poorly performing D6 token system. I’d like to automatically disable it like we do pathauto. Then it is up to the implementer to set $entity->title as desired. Without disabling, ANT will use presave hook to trample over any title that was set by mapping or prepare.

Disabling is done by setting $entity->auto_nodetitle_applied=1.

Feedback welcome.


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Does nodetitle have an equivalent to pathauto's pathauto_perform_alias? It'd be nice to simply map a 1 or 0 to that field to control the behavior...

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Try this.

This should eliminate the need for all the silly 'disable auto_nodetitle' in the example base classes.

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Cleaned up the wording a bit.

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Class name needs to be changed, will conflict with pathauto support.

fields() should really do a module_exists('auto_nodetitle') - to be fair, pathauto should too;).