My marketing company organizes events of various sorts in Florence. We are a completely open source software shop (Linux / GIMP / Drupal for all of our clients web sites) and as such we are looking forward to working with the city of Florence in creating the first Open Source Software event in the city.

I have already been given a green light for a space to use here, and we are planning a rather large event to take place in late 2011.

Our hope is to bring in people from some of the more important open source communities and have them run workshops, give keynote speeches, etc.

Inspired by a post I saw regarding a Drupal event in Florida, we are also planning on doing a 24 (or 48) hour programming marathon with the aim of donating a state-of-the-art Drupal web site to a deserving non-profit organization in Florence.

The event will be completely non-profit.

I'd like to know what support we can expect from the Drupal community, and what sort of interest there may be outside of Florence for this event.