I came to the DC CPH code sprint dying to add video and audio support to media. Rob loach pointed me to this library, and it is totally the way to go.

I've made a D7 patch. It:

* Provides a theme_video and theme_audio (very very simple)
* Provides video and audio formatters
* Updates all hooks to use D7
* I moved away from the libraries module model mainly because I don't understand how it applies in D7. Anyway, I implemented hook_library, happy to move this stuff.
* Added a basic README.txt with instructions


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Okay, one more :)
* Fixed the menu
* Note about the permission (do we need it). So far not ported.

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How do you use this together with media module?
Would like to now :)

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+  alert('fuck');

nice feature but not part of this patch I guess ;)

-  $path = libraries_get_path('mediaelement');

trailing white space

Will test this (very) soon...

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Oops! :) Yeah, was a little frustrated at the time. Here's a re-roll. I *did not* actually test this properly in non-html5 browsers. It's just a starting point.

For media specific instructions, I'll be pushing something out soon.

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I did some testing:

1) You can't enable the module, you need to add at least the following to the .info file

files[] = mediaelement.admin.inc
files[] = mediaelement.install
files[] = mediaelement.module

2) Audio doesn't work, if I look at the source code, the audio tags are replaced with video tags o_O (yes I double checked my field settings)

3) Video is working with native html 5 in chrome and IE9 (mp4)

3) The backup plan (flash/silverlight) doesn't work.

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Nice, thanks for moving this forward @aspilicious. I'll try to rev something working tomorrow (unless you get to it first) ;)

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Status: Active » Fixed

This has been committed with a couple changes. There is still a bit of work to do for this to be release ready but this is a good start. Thanks.

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Automatically closed -- issue fixed for 2 weeks with no activity.