The MediaElement module brings the MediaElement.js html5 player plugin to Drupal. MediaElement is a jQuery based JavaScript plugin that enables the video and audio tags using h.264 to work under browsers that do not support the tag or the codec and provides a consistent interface across all browsers.

Why use MediaElement

The two big reasons to use the MediaElement library are browser support and consisten theming. The MediaElement library enables browser support for the audio and video tags to the following browsers (and their method for supporting the tag/h.264):

  • iPhone, iPad: native HTML5
  • Android: native HTML5
  • Safari: native HTML5
  • Chrome: Silverlight/Flash
  • Internet Explorer 9: native HTML5
  • Internet Explorer 6,7,8: Silverlight/Flash
  • Firefox: Silverlight/Flash
  • Opera: Silverlight/Flash

The second reason is the consistent display of the player. Each of the major browsers has their own display for the video and audio element. MediaElement provides a consisten player that can be themed consistently across all browsers.

Project Information