I have to update my old URL Aliases to new URL Pattern. As of know I have total 1097014 number of aliases in my "url_alias" table. But as I try update them with "Pathauto" module then memory usages goes to 100% and all application gets stopped. So, please if any one have the solution of it please help me to get out of this hell.

Thanks in Advance


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I'm using d6 path auto module.I'm having a problem with bulk generating the url .it is showing the "Page Not Found" error when a bulk generation of node paths is checked and saved.
Can anyone help me in this one?
Thanks in Advance.

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I also faced same issue, but there doesn't seems to be proper solution for this in D5 pathauto module.I solved my problem by writing one back end script and which replace all the required URL's from according to my requirement.