The last (pre-)release (beta10) was almost one year ago. When can we expect the final release of 6.x-2.0?

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any response on this? The old release it getting stale.

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It would be awesome if we could get a stable release. Current one is 6.x-2.0-beta10 (2009-Aug-20)


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Please make a stable release.

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Title: Releasing 6.x-2.0? » Please release ImageCache 6.x-2.0
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Version: 6.x-2.x-dev » 6.x-2.0-beta12
Priority: Normal » Major

Yet another beta released. Does this module never come out of beta?

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It'll come out eventually but with a years worth of changes since the last release I'm not going to do it now.

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It would be nice to have a stable release to provide site builders more certainty that the module will get an SA for any security issues. Please feel free to update this issue summary to include links to issues to fix prior to that release.

As of this post, there are several critical bugs in the queue.

You can use the tag D6 stable release blocker to help others identify issues that are blocking a stable release. Currently there are no issues with that tag. It would be good to use this tag to help people prioritize which of the criticals are necessary to fix prior to a stable release.

@fizk - now that you are the maintainer it would be good to get your perspective on this issue.

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At a minimum it's time for a new beta release, though perhaps an RC would be more appropriate.

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Title: Please release ImageCache 6.x-2.0 » Please release ImageCache 6.x-2.0-rc1

+1 - the first RC would be appropriate soon.

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@greggles Sorry, I wasn't subscribed to ImageCache issues.

Here's what I'm thinking:

Long term plans for this module

Although Drupal 7 is picking up steam, not all existing Drupal 6 websites using ImageCache will upgrade to Drupal 7. This is why I offered to maintain ImageCache.

The road to 2.0

  1. Create a 2.0-rc1 release today.
  2. Mark all critical issues as 2.0 release blockers: 27 in total
  3. Fix all 27 critical issues
  4. Release 2.0-rc2
  5. Fix all bugs and security issues specific to 2.0-rc2
  6. Release 2.0

The road to 3.0

There's a large number of bug reports for 2.x. The sole goal of 3.0 will be to completely clear the bug report issue queue by committing all of the most important bug fixes. There will be no new feature enhancements for 3.0. This branch will be created when 2.0 is released.

The road to 4.0

The goal of 4.0 will be to incorporate feature requests that have been ignored during 3.0, and generally continue development of the module. This branch will be created when 3.0 is released.

The road to 5.0

If this module, and Drupal 6, is still useful by this time, the goal of 5.0 will be to incorporate large architectural changes in the codebase, including a complete rewrite of certain components if necessary. This branch will be created when 4.0 is released.

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Sounds like an excellent plan!

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Status: Active » Fixed


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I've gone through all 27 issues and reduced the release blockers to two issues:

#796384: ImageCache makes private filesystem straightforward accesible (security issue #1172)
#615418: image file with '+' sign or & in name not found by imagecache

Please help close these issues.

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Status: Fixed » Needs work

I got a separate report of this as well. Seems there was some sort of mistake in tagging?

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No problem here. Seems the reporter at #14 has the problem because he is using ImageAPI 5.x on Drupal 6.x (see his screenshot).

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Status: Needs work » Fixed

Pardon me, good point roball and the second report was also from nurjan.

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Status: Fixed » Closed (fixed)