I am writing a drupal 6, custom module, the page that I am calling in hook_menu is giving me a page not found error or it is displaying empty page without any content.
please tell me how do I clear the menu cache?
lot of forums say that devel module has a link to clear menu cache. but I couldn't figure out one.
Please help me how do I clear Menu cache?
I cant go forward without seeing the page content.
your help is greatly valued


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Probably menu_rebuild()
That runs menu_cache_clear_all(), among a few other things.

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 * Implementation of hook_flush_caches().
 * Flush client-side caches.
function yourmodule_flush_caches() {
  cache_clear_all('*', 'cache_menu', TRUE);

Then to flush it manually inside your code, just call the function yourmodule_flush_caches;

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admin -> settings -> performance

Click 'clear cache'.

Develop module: you need to enable the 'development' block. The link lies in that block.

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Thank you for your response.I have the devel module enabled. Can you please give me the navigation where the link lies.
I tried searching all over the admin menu. but no luck.
Please help

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you need to enable the 'development' block. The link lies in that block.

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Jay, Thanks for your help

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Did you try hovering over the favicon in the top-left bar of admin menu ?

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You can also go to /devel/menu/reset if devel is enabled.

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Alternatively, if you are on a production site, don't want to clear all caches, don't have the devel module and have access to a PHPMyAdmin you can simply truncate (empty) the cache_menu table.

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I should point out, as cog.rusty already said, that the easiest way to programmatically rebuild menu in Drupal 6 is to use the built-in method menu_rebuild() directly in your module's functions.

It clears the menu_cache table and rebuild all your menus.