I can see that sometimes images are not created. Only some of the presets are created, while all the other images do not show up in the browser. I tried to reload the whole page, clear the browser cache, open the image by its URL - all fails. Only flushing the Drupal cache (using admin menu) does solve the problem.


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I'm experiencing a similar problem after upgrading to Filefield 6.x-3.5. I see a 404 in my error log generated by imagecache that looks like, "404: Unable to find **originalimagepath**" Clearing cache solves the problem temporarily.

The path began with images/ but the image file's path began with files/images/. Perhaps Imagecache is getting an inappropriate path from Filefield?

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Is there anyone who can help with this?

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We are seeing this same thing occasionally using 6.x-2.0-beta10. It seems to occur intermittently when we add a lot of images at once.

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I am getting the same problem even when uploading only one single image.

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Is there any update on this one? We are still getting this issue regularly. Many images do not show up properly but we need to flush the cache first to get all images.

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I can confirm this bug has affected a site of mine as well. After having the site up for a few weeks, suddenly inserting images via Insert into CK Editor stopped working for any ImageCache presets, but it still worked for "original image", which is why I suspected it was ImageCache at fault. It would simply insert a blank src="" and checking the imagecache directories, no new files were created.

After finding this thread, I cleared the caches and it works again.

ImageAPI: 6.x-1.6
ImageAPI GD2: 6.x-1.6
ImageCache: 6.x-2.0-beta10
ImageCache UI: 6.x-2.0-beta10
FileField: 6.x-3.2
ImageField: 6.x-3.2
Insert : 6.x-1.0-beta4

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Is there a function to flush the (image-) cache? If there is such function I would simply flush the cache everytime a new node is created (using hook_nodeapi) and hopefully it'll work then..

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i had a local copy for developing and today i uploaded to my server and new presets doesn't work anymore.

I have a 404 error at status report.

what can i do?

i had a local copy and then i had to change the temp directory in /admin/settings/file-system

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Hello, I'm from Russia so sorry for my english.

Solution is: imagecache.module in a file you need to edit two functions:

imagecache_create_url and theme_imagecache

before the function returns, insert the following code

$imagecache_path = imagecache_create_path($presetname, $path);
if (!file_exists($imagecache_path)){
//drupal_set_message('No pictures, makes do');
$preset = imagecache_preset_by_name($presetname);
imagecache_build_derivative($preset['actions'], $path, $imagecache_path);
only the variable names $presetname, $path may vary, be careful

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Is there any update on this? I am also experiencing this problem...

Everything went fine on my local WAMP server, but once I put the site online the images won't show after I created a node. I had to flush my caches before the images were shown

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Also experiencing the problem here. Using the following:

ImageAPI: 6.x-1.0
ImageAPI GD2: 6.x-1.0
ImageCache: 6.x-2.0-beta10
ImageCache UI: 6.x-2.0-beta10
FileField: 6.x-3.7
ImageField: 6.x-3.7

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did anyone find a solution to this issue?

Hope you're well,


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in case anyone else runs into this issue, I noticed it was only occurring where I was using imagecache directly in a custom tpl. To get around the issue I created a Rule. On the event 'After saving new content' of node type X add an action 'ImageCache: Flush ALL presets for this node's filefield images'.

Hope this helps someone.

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Status: Active » Closed (fixed)

Please reopen if this is still an issue with ImageCache 6.x-2.0-rc1.