I just posted an article I wrote for a client and also published it on my new site. The article is about knowledge management and how to use Drupal as a tool for this.

In the process to implement a knowledge management system in an organisation, one of the choices to be made, is what tools will be used. The article explains why Drupal makes a valid competitor in the market of knowledge management applications. It also explains how Drupal can be used for KM and what features in Drupal can be used for this. Also a list of extensions (modules) to create an even better knowledge management tool is provided.

The overall conclusion is that drupal already makes a valid tool and its extendability allows developers to make it an even better one. Books, revision control, aggregation and some more of the core modules are ready to use knowledge management tools. Some contributed modules, such as taxonomy dhtml and filestore2 allow one to extend the application as an even better knowledge management tool.

Some features that are needed in drupal to enhace interrelations between nodes. (If you like A, you probably like B,C,E,and G). Another feature that might need some more attention is taxonomy search. There is a taxonomy search module that works for 4.3, but had no 4.4 release.

Next part of this book will contain more in depth articles about how to configure those exact features and about how to manage feeds in a knowledge base.


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In the article I mentioned the related module. I appears people were looking for it. Therefore Some links:

http://drupal.org/node/view/4919 Is a feature request on this.
The untested and unmaintained module is in my sandbox: http://cvs.drupal.org/viewcvs/contributions/sandbox/ber/related/
Feel free to help me improve it. What it needs hardest is a sql file. It is missing right now!

Regards, Bèr.