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For the purposes of these tests, we will be using the user resource but these principles apply to any of the other resources as well.

The first thing you'll need to do to test your resource is figure out what path it lives under. This is put together from several pieces of information you entered into the Services admin screens. The formula is


Your endpoint path is defined in your endpoint's settings under 'Path to endpoint'.

Endpoint settings

To get your resource path, edit your endpoint, and click 'Resources'. Each resource you have enabled will be listed. Open 'user resource' and see if anything is entered for 'Alias'. If nothing is entered, then the name of the resource will be used. Otherwise, whatever is entered will be used.

User Resource Alias

So for this example, the path is

If you visit this URL in your browser, you should receive a white screen instead of a Page Not Found error. If you get a Page Not Found error, you definitely have something wrong.

Note that for the purposes of basic testing, it will make your life easier if you disable all authentication. You will still want to test this later, but for initial tests it is best to remove as many variables as possible.

Having determined the path to your resource, you will test in different ways depending on what server you are using. Please refer to the appropriate section below.

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