These are the fringe cases that need to be handled right now:
1. User enables/disables a module that provides XML sitemap context: ?
2. User edits an individual sitemap and changes its context: delete files and queue sitemap for updating.


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These are essential to ensure smooth operations for the end-users of the module.

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Committed initial work on this to make sure directories get renamed when context changes.

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Will be this backported to drupal 6 version? Whenever I enable xmlsitemap_i18n I get page not found as here is reported: #789026: sitemap.xml returns "page not found"

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It was already backported.

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Hi Dave,

I'm still getting a page not found if I enable the xmlsitemap_i18n submodule, which version of xmlsitemap fixes this problem?
I've installed elements module and recreated sitemaps.

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You currently can't just enable the xmlsitemap_i18n module and expect everything to work the same. Right now you have to go and re-edit all of your sitemaps (making sure to select a language) and then make sure to regenerate the files.

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What needs to be done to close this issue?

  • Dave Reid committed 66132e7 on 8.x-1.x
    #768182 by Dave Reid: Handle sitemap directory hash changes.
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I'm currently experiencing this issue using the Locale module to provide different languages.

Not really sure what #8 above is referring to. If I click "Edit", I just get a message "There are currently no XML sitemap contexts available." and an option to save (no opportunity to select a language).

Either way http://mysite/en/sitemap.xml gives a "not found" error.