All I want is to let my friends easily add their images to my website while being able to control max size and dimentions. I read about "upload module", "image module", "image assist module", "drupalimage pluging" and "lightbox module". I don't quite get it.. why all of those aren't integrated into one easy to configure module? Anyway I am lost. Please help!

Here is my website:


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I had the same struggle than you have now. I finally settled for image + img_assist.

By setting a right permission level you can set the maximum size. And you can prevent users from seeing all images while using img_assist.

I have suggested a modification to img_assist that will make things easier, basically img_assist shows a 'create image' screen when you upload an image, that form includes the title and description of the image. And I find that this is the bit that confuses people. So I vote for an img_assist option that will upload the image without giving the option to set title/body of the image. There would be one screen less and it will be easier for non techie users.


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"img_assist" interface is confusing. I agree with your suggestion.

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It may be confusing but all you need to do is play around with it for awhile and if you have any questions about its use you can ask for help on this forum and within a few days.

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I understand what you are getting at but I think you should ask for a new module or variation because img_assit as is works fine for several other situations and many of us would be screwed if it was simpler.

What you want is a module that just allows you to upload an image, store a copy in a predetermined folder and then place a thumbed version beside your text. I think you should ask for a striped down version of img_assist and call it img_upload.

I know many people on the forum ask for stripped down versions of modules and lord knows I use to be one of them. I realized awhile back that the best way to use Drupal is not by trying to resist how it and many of it modules work in exchange for our idea of how it should work but, instead try to find potential use of the additional features it may contain to enhance your site / data. Think working with instead of against a module’s ability.


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1. Did you try to use the image_attach feature bundled with image.module 4.7?
In setting->content types it let you choose in which node-type allow users to upload an image.
Then in the submission form a button appear to browse your hard-drive and choose the image to upload.
PROS: easy to understand UI, you can use multiple resizing feature of image.module
CONS: On submission it even creates an image node (that can be annoyng and useless sometimes)

2. imagefield for CCK
If you ever used the CCK to build your own content type there's this separated module that let you add an image field. It doesn't create a separate image node but let you just decide one size to scale pictures ( this means it stores just one file (scaled at the dimension you desire) and doesn't let you create thumbnails etc. like the image module does)

Anyway both modules are still on development and features may change in a near future...


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Nicely summarised dodazzi. Can you use image/image_attach to allow users to upload images when submitting a node constructed with cck?

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Yes, even if I didn't test it intensily.
And you can even use it with image exact sizes module that let you not only resize the pictures that users submit but even crop it to exactly the size you set on the image setting page. This can be useful if you want, for example, square thumbnails.
a Caveat: there seem to be a weird behaviour when previewing node with attached image: it create the image node and store the image even if the user decide not to complete node submission.

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Do you know how I would go about doing that? I've used cck to create a node type "car" with numerous text fields (make, model, mileage, etc) and I've used imagefield to add the ability to upload images for each car node. Unfortunately I'm getting nowhere trying to figure out how to display those images on the node. I've used image.module more but no idea how to integrate it in to a cck create node (car).

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Actually, scrap that. I've got imagefield working. If you're running PHP5 like me, try changing line 159 in imagefield.module to:

$values[$delta] = array_merge((array)$node_field[$delta], (array)_imagefield_file_load($file['fid']));

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I like the Image field for CCK option very much EXCEPT for the fact that I cannot figure out how to set a maximum file size for uploads. I can set the pixel size, but not the KB size. I found image assist did not meet my needs to this particular node type (I don't want to give users that much freedom for what is uploaded to my site).

Does anyone, PLEADS!, know how I can add a maximum file size feature for this field? CCK will definately work for my needs and the only thing stopping it is the image size (I need to set a limit to 35KB per image as the max size is only 300x200 pixels).

Thanks so much for any help!

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Dear llyra
Did you find a solution for the image size uplaod ?

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the problem with option 1 is that comments aren't included as a content type to which images can be attached. So you can only attach them to the original forum post, for example, but nowhere else in the thread.

If Image Assist gave the option of inserting the image unmodified then i'd be happy.

Steel Rat
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Thank you for your responses! I need time to digest new information. I am trying to keep a positive attitude, but incompatibility between modules kills me.

For example, I wanted to have a nice text editor. I did some research and chose tinyMCE. (I also hoped it would make image attachment more straightforward). When activated it killed all "lightbox js" target references, so pictures won't open in lightbox screen anymore. I am sure that after couple of days I'll find how to fix it. But if somebody could point me where to look, I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you again.

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Sometimes, things are not easy. Images in html are one example. Of course you can use images without any "meta-information". It is done. But drupal is a Content(!) management system. And your images are content. If you upload images without even the most general information fields, you will end up with a website that will be hardly close to what is recommended for web-design. Search, accessibility, alternative browsing devices, everything depends on some meta-data. Take a look at and read through some of their recommendations.

Using images without title and description results in poor websites, especially if images are an important part of your site's content.

Good luck ;-) Lars.

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Definition: Conversion rate is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action.

The desired action can take many forms, varying from site to site. Examples include sales of products, membership registrations, newsletter subscriptions, software downloads, or just about any activity beyond simple page browsing.

A high conversion rate depends on several factors, all of which must be satisfactory to yield the desired results -- the interest level of the visitor, the attractiveness of the offer, and the ease of the process.

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I would have to disagree in part with this. If you're attaching an image with a forum post or comment to something, you don't need all the peripheral information, it's fluff. For actual content using images I would type in the description as part of the node, not attached to the image. The image is only a part of the content in the majority of my experience.

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For those who suffer from that problem as I used to:

Just edit the plugin_reg.php file in the tinymce directory as follows...
$plugins['advlink']['extended_valid_elements'] = array('a[name|href|target|title|onclick|rel]');

It's pretty easy to figure out what's what on this line. To add support for the "rel" attribute for "a" tags, you could simply add in the "rel" attribute to the the part of the line dealing with anchor tags (a[name|href|target|title|onclick|rel]). Just modify the code like that and you should be set.

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I also cannot believe that Drupal expect install a CMS, supposedly to make life easy while developing a website, and then find there's no built-in gallery. Why is this? Which of these many image gallery modules is actually any good? I have over a thousand photos which I will need to upload, and fast! Could someone please tell me which module will be best for this? (bulk upload, with good gallery features)

Many thanks.

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for a gallery with over 1000 photos I'd install Menalto Gallery 2, and use the gallery2 module provided in the downloads area.

You could also test, to see if these have greater value to your idea:
The image.module which also offers a gallery type of idea

There is a difference in philosophy between Drupal and many "other" CMS's. Drupal core is to remain as thin as possible. Which offers greater power and flexability for all deployments. The reasons why "user/admin expected" modules aren't part of core, has been explained at nausea.

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Image gallery works fine as well, even for such a large amount of pictures. Add Image gallery, Watermark and Image publish modules together and you have a fully functioning image gallery. you can configure and upload all of those images in less time with those modules than it would take to configure Gallery 2.

I use all 3 - click link in signature to view.

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Except that Image Gallery lacks some very basic functionality, such as navigating from one image to the next in a sequence (you have to go back, then click the next image), adding items to a download list, etc.

Steel Rat
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Yes you are correct. I had to use a php snippet someone posted to get image paging.

Another feature that is lacking is thumbnail order but this is almost ready.
Metal head for life \m/

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well, images can be added easily , please use the below link :

Ebizon technologies (

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Thats the problem. No matter how many articles I read on etc., it never gets easy. The Wordpress guys can make image upload and management seem like a walk in the park with a build in system; you unzip, upload, install and inset images. It's that easy. Honestly, it's a complete and utter mystery to me, why Drupal doesn't include such a system.

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Hi, I am not a developer so please excuse the stupid question. My friend's Kaisa's best friend is in the middle of creating a very content heavy community site that has all kinds of life-style related information (finance, health, travel, how to life a good life style etc).
He was told he should use DRUPAL for this site which I assume will be very popular as it will also have some ecommerce features, membership, possibly events, bloqs, newsletters.
In addition to trying to decide what are the features he really MUST have and what he can add later to be smart and keep the site userfriendly my friend asked me a specific question about images.

She is a not a techy either so she explained this in 3 parts:
1. Drupal probably allows uploading/attaching images for member profiles what ever those are.
Can that feature be customized to allow certain sizes (several of them), captions on the pics and allow printing those out/send them out as eCards
2. could one possibly set up a search function next to some "idiom", "quotation" etc where the drupal site would search an approriate image (possibly paid image) from certain sources or any sources.
3. Could one set up a media library type of image storage/video storage where the users could freely select certain size of pictures, posters etc for different purposes whether it is sending eCards, posters, emails..

I assume there is a way of linking to youtube, least if you know a link but maybe even if you just know a topic/interest?? Automated search that is...
For instance for the Formula 1 person...

He is interested in Formula 1, maybe likes to send emails for "events", "newsletters", private messages to his "mailing list"....or even use those images for his ecards, profiles, etc
For example: "I love Formula 1 races."


email also for me erikaeder(at)