I would like to remove this link from the input settings box, is this possible and how?



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same here... i am frustrated by the inability to control the input types. i don't want certain things showing, and i want to be able to control input types by node type. help?

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i presume you are using filter_form function in your module definition file.

all you have to do is to ediit filter.module file.

go to function filter_form() and comment if and else statements. you should put an empty string to $extra value too.


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Thanks lokumnet. I had the same question. Opened filter.module, found your reference on line 796, commented out, and it's just what I wanted.

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You can also use a theme hook for this. I added the following to my template.php, and it works like a charm!

 * Implementation of theme_filter_tips_more_info().
 * Used here to hide the "More information about formatting options" link.
function phptemplate_filter_tips_more_info() { return ''; }

Mike Smullin

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You cannot use this hook in 4.7.x.

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Hmm... So what hook would we use for 4.7?

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My Drupal is 5.1. But Mikesmullin's code didn't work for me when I pasted it in Styles.css (I use Zen theme).

This is what worked for me:
in filter.module on line 805 I simply replaced $extra = theme('filter_tips_more_info'); with $extra = theme();

i.e. simply delete 'filter_tips_more_info'

But I have little clue as to what ramifications and effects this will have elsewhere. For now it worked.

Nevertheless, it would be nice to have a code that kills that link in CSS rather than inside a core module.

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matrixfighter, see the discussion at http://drupal.org/node/35122

By modifying the core filter module, you've made it more difficult for yourself for when you'd want to upgrade. Presumably, Drupal 5.2 will be coming out before D6, so try not to modify core.

Sometimes it's not possible, for instance if you want to use modules like Menu per Role, Chat room or something exotic like Advanced Cache, but changes like the one you made are unnecessary when there's a CSS hack or PHPTemplate override you can use.

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Christefano, thanks a lot.

For everyone else looking for a perfect solution for this problem without tempering with a filter.module (which is a core module) , please look to Ronan's CSS codes in http://drupal.org/node/35122

Not only does it remove the formatting tips, but it also removes the "More information about formatting options" link.

Thanks for the pointer Christefano

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how about for d6.3?

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Clutters the space for me.

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