Following instruction, I build my website as sites/ Then create symbol link for it.
It works fine for but the issue is when I try, it brings me to installation page.(All URLs point to same symbol link in apache setting)

So do I have to create 3 identical folders like sites/, sites/ and sites/ for each URL?
Or some stuff like alias I can use here?

Many thanks.


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Please stop repeating the same question in other threads. It's annoying.

You have choices.
If you want these three sites to all keep their individual names, but serve the same content, then the simplest is just a symbolic link of the folder in the filesystem from:

{drupal}/sites/* (real settings)
{drupal}/sites/ ->
{drupal}/sites/ ->

Symbolic links are NOT Apache settings, they are filesystem settings, so you may be confused there.

OR you can create a new folder like you suggest and copy over ONLY the settings.php from the working site. The files and things should still be OK when sourced from the main site. That's OK if you do not have the ability to actually make symbolic links, but is a bit messy.

OR you can set up your Apache to actually redirect requests for the aliased sites to your main site. This is regarded as being better for SEO, although the extra domains are not longer displayed in the browser bar, only the main, real one.

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sorry about the repeating
Got stuck on the half way of upgrading which include 3 production sites
So bit nervious

Thank you for the reply
really helpful