This may be vertical tabs' fault but posting here to give it visibility.

The vertical tabs output is stuck inside the <div class="form-region-main">, I want to move it to inside <div class="form-region-footer">

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Perhaps makes more sense if you read the comments following:

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Status: Active » Needs work
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A quick hack got the vertical tabs where I want them (in the footer). Proof of concept patch attached... Obviously it would need to be configurable from the config page. Probably detect if vertical tabs is enabled for the node type, and which fields are set to display in them. Then, remove config options for all those fields, and add one for the vertical tabs entry entry instead, let the user decide which region the vertical tabs 'meta field' should display in and assign it to that region like I did in this patch.

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Annoying subscribe comment +1.

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Title: Can't move vertical tabs to footer area » Vertical Tabs & Vertical Tabs Default Tab compatibility - Can't move vertical tabs to footer area

I see this module already handles its compatibility issues by using submodules. There is already one for compatibility with CAPTCHA and one for the Bibliography Module. I think there should be a third for compatibility with Vertical Tabs and Vertical Tabs Default Tab.

I use these two modules and I have configured the second to place default fields (title, language, body & input format) in a vertical tab of their own. Trying to move these fields around this vertical tab has no effect whatsoever.

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This patch puts vertical tabs in nodeformcols field list for you to position.

It doesn't remove the fields VTabs takes over from the list, but any settings you make on those fields are just bulldozed by VTabs anyway.

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Status: Needs work » Active

Installing the form module and configuring the node add/edit form to not tabify my fieldset allowed me to make fields show in the right column whilst having both vertical_tabs and vt_default installed.

To the developer of this module, I don't suggest trying to fix this issue as it is by design (of vertical tabs) from what I can tell.

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I had the same kind of problem, my tabs were showing before any other field (title, description). The patch fixes that too. (Open Atrium + tabs)

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I will paraphrase my last comment as some may still not understand. This is not an issue with Node Form Columns, and should not require a patch.

To fix this issue (without the need of patching), do the following:

  1. Be sure you have Vertical Tabs and Vertical Tabs Default Tab installed
  2. Install Form module.
  3. Check that your content type is configured to have a Default tab used /admin/content/node-type/[yourtype]
  4. Check that the elements you want in alternate regions than the default vertical tab are in different fieldsets. /admin/content/node-type/[yourtype]/fields
  5. Change the configuration of Node Form Columns at /admin/content/node-type/[yourtype]/form so that your fieldset containing the elements is moved into another region.
  6. Go to the page for creating content of yourtype, /node/add/[yourtype]. Notice the new "Configure form" option. Click it and be sure that the fieldsets you don't want vertical tabularized is unchecked.
  7. Click "Save" and watch the "magic" happen!
  8. Disable and/or uninstall Form module since it conflicts with views form and maybe other forms and isn't really made for continually running regularly in a live environment.
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Nicholas, that's not what the issue was about. The issue is that vertical tabs output always appears in the main region, and there's no way to change that. If you want to move the Vertical Tabs to the footer, you're out of luck without the patch.

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Actually, that is what the issue is about. The output inside any vertical tab can be moved to any region via the use of form module from what I can tell. Unless it is that you are trying to move the vertical tabs (in their entirety [all tabs/containers]) into the footer or right columns. If this is the case then I believe there are two different issues being discussed by people in this issue, and I apologize for the confusion.

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"Unless it is that you are trying to move the vertical tabs (in their entirety [all tabs/containers]) into the footer or right columns." is what I interpreted the issue to be.

If you don't want a fieldset to appear in vertical tabs at all, you can change that by enabling "Expose vertical tabs selection on the edit content type forms." in Vertical Tabs' settings, then unchecking them on the edit content type page. And then they'll respect whatever settings nodeformcolumns has for them.

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I needed the vertical tabs in the footer... couldn't find a way to move them... so for the time being.. I just changed line 3 of the module from