This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project is the development space to prepare #597280: Introduce form registry to fix various problems and increase security during Drupal 7, to come up with a working solution for D8.

This code has pre-alpha quality and we will rewrite it soon. Do not use on production sites.

In Drupal 6, Form module breaks Views configuration forms and likely other modules' forms.

This is a known issue with form caching/rebuilding in D6 and most likely, it cannot be resolved until D7. You may use this module for one-time form configurations, but make sure you DO NOT report bugs for other modules without making sure that you also encounter the bug after DISABLING Form module.

Form module closes a gap in Drupal's framework. While we have CCK and Views for contents, Blocks and Panels for regions, and similarly configurable solutions for other things, we do not have a module to configure and control forms.

The primary purpose of this module was to have a "form spy"-alike helper that aids in retrieving and selecting form ids for modules like Compact forms, Journal, #translatable, or Fivestar. However, it quickly turned out that it could serve as general purpose API for most modules that implement hook_form_alter().

The first example implementation therefore exists in Vertical Tabs module.

For this reason, Form module does nothing on its own. It allows other modules to implement hook_form_info() to allow administrative users to configure and enhance any form in Drupal.



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