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SHA-1: d49d05baa26d8ce7aa7f0250c6f0e01ba2f5aebb
SHA-256: c6a38f92c6393a8490c05bb85aaca81cd7afa2e58307c2700f831c3d371b1114
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Release info

Created by: moshe weitzman
Created on: 26 Oct 2009 at 14:45 UTC
Last updated: 26 Oct 2009 at 14:50 UTC
Core compatibility: 6.x
Release type: New features, Bug fixes

Release notes

Changes since DRUPAL-6--2-0:

  • #493456 by guidot. three tiny errors in drush help dl Examples ... Also a text improvement.
  • #436782 hutch, Senpai - fixing download destination and help text
  • #503328 - fix drush cron due to drush shutdown exiting. register exit helper in drush_shutdown. Thanks david goode
  • #436782 - Senpai - improved error message with download fail.
  • #533496 ZoFreX - Drush does not like being invoked from a path that contains spaces
  • #500324 dman - fails to download install profile in proper location. Incorrect path.
  • #549918 by jonhatten. Allow to run a command if required bootstrap phase is lower or equal to current phase.
  • #499420 by hanoii. --svnsync and --svncommit not working.
  • #506250 by Jaza and Gary Feldman. Cygwin robustness.
  • #537280 by jasonn1234. D7 compatibility. This gets almost all commands except for the pm commands. help wanted.
  • Add cvs credentials options for cvs package handler
  • Automatically log values for all timers at end of command. Requires --debug to see them. useful for commands like migrate that use drupal's timer API.
  • #459572 by dcaillibaud and guidot. yellow unreadable on white background terminal.
  • #499758 by austinDev. Prompt abort before user can answer.
  • #487990 by miro_dietiker and jonhattan. mkdir error.
  • #563702 by moshe weitzman. use double quote and apostrophe in help text.
  • #297611 by doug green and moshe weitzman. Store the original working dir before changing into drupal root.
  • #490880 by bdwelle. make drush script pass params to called script.
  • #559512 by moshe weitzman. Add drush_find_php() helper function and use it is simpletest and update commands. In the future this function might become a utility and instead on gets its value with drush_get_context().
  • #581870 by moshe weitzman. 'Your command line PHP installation is too old. Drush requires at least PHP ' . DRUSH_MINIMUM_PHP
  • #574352 by moshe weitzman. Support --help option.
  • #578448 by hanoii. in drushrc.php does not work because it gets re-initialized in DRUPAL_BOOTSTRAP_CONFIGURATION.
  • Doxygen for drush_die() and drush_print() indicates that now that drush_set_error() and drush_log() are usually preferred instead.
  • Modernize uninstall command for d7
  • #485272 by John Morahan. drush cron reports success unconditionally
  • #488000 by John Morahan. A Drupal installation directory could not be found
  • #539602 by moshe weitzman. drush enable/disable can't be used with drush_invoke.
  • #515614 by moshe weitzman. Get error message when trying to enable module that's already enabled.
  • #570354 by moshe weitzman. Selecting a specific database when building db spec from settings file.
  • #536104 by moshe weitzman. use drush_invoke('updatedb') instead of drush_backend_invoke() in update command.
  • #592090by John Morahan. Quick fix for uninstall on d5/d6.
  • #586466. Remove shebang from drush.php. You should use the drush scell script, or call 'php drush.php' instead.
  • Slightly better drush_print() docs.
  • #535658 by moshe weitzman. pass severity parameter to watchdog. refactor for d7.
  • #549494 by acstewart and moshe weitzman. Support for command aliases. Nice.
  • #592652 by mikeryan. properly support #abort in updatedb command.
  • #488058 by mikeryan. optional --nocolor global option. useful on windows, apparently.
  • Remove --php from global options since it is rarely needed and might get removed soon. Put --help there instead.
  • Add defaults for aliases and examples elements
  • #591814 by srhaber and own barton. Make http:// prefix optional for --url option
  • #488058 by smk-ka. Automatically disable coloring of log messages when using windows command shell.
  • #506448 by legion80. Could not open input file. drush.php
  • #596338 by Owen Barton and Moshe Weitzman. Fix args for updatecode and update.
  • #488058 by smk-ka. Don't run tput if it unlikely to be helpful.
  • #600102 by John Morahan. search status and reindex commands.
  • #602182 by John Morahan. updatedb should clear cache.
  • #570890 by grendzy. Enable MySQL autocomplete in 'sql cli' (--auto-rehash)
  • #529114 - dugh - special cases for XAMPP on Linux and OS X.
  • #415152 by david rothstein and moshe weitzman. A very first version of installcore command for Drupal 7. This installs or re-installs drupal core, including running the usual install profile tasks. It is not multi-site aware yet. Hopefully adrian or someone else will build upon this. Not available for ealier versions of drupal. see aegir project for for now.
  • Some cleanup on installcore command. I am seeing a couple harmless errors during install. It seems like the drupal_bootstrap() in drupal_install_system() is not loading all modules like it should. It is a core bug, but I think this is exposing it. hard to nail down though. Anyway, this command works.
  • make variable commands work on D7. Introduce DB independant versions of db_result() and db_fetch_object()
  • #591628 by srhaber and moshe weitzman. enhance script command so you can maintain a script library if you wish (though a library of drush commands is usually a better idea). also add a scratch.php for one off php execution.
  • #479952 by droplet. Replace deprecated ereg_* functions with equivalent preg_*
  • Enhance installcore command so it can install into a specified sites subdirectory. A bit better error messages.
  • Port to HEAD. Drupal 7 has no upgrade path yet, so this will not work at the moment. Also fixed some notices
  • Commit a safer version of the drush_shell_exec command that accepts a printf formatted command, and additional parameters to the command string. each of the additional parameters are run through escapeshellarg to ensure that user input is safely escaped. the $indent property is no longer valid, but it was not in use in any of the core instances of the command i could find
  • #613348 by mig5. Various spelling/grammar corrections.
  • Add pronunciation guide. drush rhymes with flush and hush.
  • Add 'ic' alias for installcore command.
  • Move installcore command to own file and use dashes instead of underscore for its options. Options will eventually move to site alias syntax


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