Hello everyone,

To keep it simple: I want to be able to get external Feeds (RSS) on my website and display them.
I have tried several things, and as i'm a beginner to drupal, i am sure that i miss somthing.

I installed:
- views rrs
- Feed aggregator
- Feeds
- aggregator

and i think some more, maybe it's something i do wrong, but I can't get a normal feed out of it on my website!
At one point i got something, but then there is a little links on the right bottom i have to click to vieuw the feeds
( * 17 reads * Feed items * Link to site )

Anyone got a working solution for me?

tnx already!


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How do you want them displayed?

There's different steering to do for "Create RSS feed items as nodes" as opposed to "Dynamically display the current feed on a page".

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first of all: thanks for the reply.

I want a page (or multiple page's) with feeds, if possible with text, and if really possible more or less the whole item.
and automaticly updated from the website the original feed is on (eg a news website)
so i create a link: news, and on that page the feed needs to be displayed.
other link could be weather and a feed from a weather website on that.

hope i make sense :D

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Have you tried the Aggregator module? It ships with Drupal.

EDIT: Bah, I see you have. You do not need that many modules for this. Aggregator all on it's own should provide basic needs. Is your problem that you could not see it doing anything except the snippet you describe?

Have you double-checked the permissions, cache, and made sure cron was run as needed to started generating content off the feed?

Bah.. having a reading failure moment. I will return later.

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I have try'd the aggregator, but then i get a sublink: feed items. before i can read the feeds...

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Have you checked http://example.com/aggregator? Did you want that to be your front page?

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I cannot open that link.

I don't want it to be on the front page however, i want to create a link on my website and it has to show up there. Althought i could put it away in a column right or left as well, but my input was to make a link like "news" and get the feed in there.

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It's not a link for you to open. That was a link to say, "doesn't the aggregator put your RSS items at /aggregator?"

If it doesn't do that, you have non-default behavior coming out of aggregator, or are using a different module.

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This is the output:

Feed aggregator
Syndicate content -> wich is the RSS mark with nothing in it.
I think this is not strange, looks like the outgoing RSS of my test website. and there is no outgoing rss feed.

Getting really confused at this moment, so excuse me if i do something wrong.
thinking about delete all modules and add the ones i need (maybe you can tell me?) and start all over with testing.
one question though: does the rss feed itself have any influence? maybe we can test something with rss feeds displayed from external websites on my website if it still isn't working after a new test?

kind regards

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At this point, I would create a new, clean Drupal site, turn on the Aggregator module, and run through all the settings step by step. That way you can see for sure what you need to do, without any clutter.

I don't know the particulars well enough to say how choosy the Aggregator module is. I imagine most any feed you could plug into a feed reader should work.

I think this is not strange, looks like the outgoing RSS of my test website. and there is no outgoing rss feed

I do not fully understand what you are saying. But at a guess, here we go: A feed with no items won't show up at all in your site, as their are no items to be "fed". Furthermore, the RSS feed items must be publicly available unless you can work out a secured RSS feed reader, which is tricky.

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I just made a clean install and will test it tonight (my time) with the Aggregator Module, step by step, see if it works out fine this time and i might screw something up somewhere.

I think this is not strange, looks like the outgoing RSS of my test website. and there is no outgoing rss feed

This was about my site giving out a rss feed, instead of bringing / showing feed from another website on mine. There was no RSS feed on my website to publish (from my own website)so it showed up empty. Never mind the rest, it's useless information i think :)

Thanks for the help so far, i will update this asap with new results!

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Update: it is working, now the only thing i want is different items to show on the website.
Now i can only see them in the admin part, but i want a nice clean URL link and seperation between parts.

Example: News -> Sport
-> Economical
-> Other

I created 2 items / category's at this moment, now i want them to be a single link on my website per category. (or better said sublink form a parent link)
Also, all links in the feed are opening in my existing page, eg: the new link will replace my website. Any idea how i can get that fixed with target="_blank" or another module who can handle it? Offcourse i don't mind the feed being opened, but i want the visitors to stay on my website in the meanwhile.

I will continue to investigate, but updated already, maybe i can find a solution myself, then i will update again.

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Check out hook_link_alter() in the Drupal API. It should allow you to identify the links in question and insert a new target attribute.

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Ok, Should do the trick you say?
Cause i guess i have some reading and trying to do before it will work the way ik want it to work :|
With other words: no easy way to do it (unless this suppose to be easy) and after a week of drupal: dive into the deep.. talk about learning curve! :)

I will check it out and test and .... hopefully succeed!

tnx for all the input so far! appreciate it alot!

Edit: I don't understand a thing of hooks.... :(

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Stavros says:
I created 2 items / category's at this moment, now i want them to be a single link on my website per category. (or better said sublink form a parent link)

You can do this within the core menu module. You can either add them to an existing menu, like Primary, Secondary, Navigation... or create a new menu for them.

After the menu is created and you've added your RSS pages, you need to go to admin -> site building -> blocks to make sure that your menu is actually showing up somewhere on the page. Assign your menu to one of the regions defined in your theme, save, and you should have all the links there on your website.

Your other issue of changing the links is a lot more complicated. Basically you need to write a module, but only a small module. There is a lot of documentation on the site about getting started with module development. I suggest taking a good amount of time to read over those and learn how to make basic modules. Then come back here when/if you have specific questions.

Good luck!
- Ryan

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Thanks alot! That's it!
Now only the URL re-write module is needed offcourse, but that's not as important as getting it to work this way! Super!
Stupid i didn't think of this btw.... it's so easy :D

I'll try to make my own modules in a few weeks, and i think it won't be as quick as i hope, but will learn it for sure...

drupal is great! :)