I came in this morning and cant login to my site

its blank
the rest of the site seems fine

It was all working last week

any ideas


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It happened to me in a way also, is this a common occurance?

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I might add that since my last post on this subject, I have had the blank screen show up on numerous occations.

The real hassle at the moment is not understanding how and why this occurs. I tried the memory "thing" in settings.php, but that didn't change anything.

Is this a server issue, or a Drupal issue? And could someone please explain in simple terms what's actually going wrong?

(Oops, I mistakenly answered the first answer instead of the original post, as I had intended. Well, well... No real harm done, I suppose.)

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I think I'm having the same problem. Sometimes when trying to access my home page (www.lancefestivalen.se), I get a blank page. It's been like that all morning, but now it's up and running again, somehow.

I've found that if you add "/?q=" to the address (i.e. www.lancefestivalen.se/?q=), it works as good as usual, and you can do whatever you wanted to do. So it would seem to me to be the Drupal installation that's doing something it shouldn't (or not doing something it should).

The big problem here is not as much the random inconvenience of not being able to access one's site, as much as the loss of potential visitors and/or users. I hope we get some light shed on this problem soon.

BTW, I run on 4.6, so the problem isn't limited to 4.7


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This was happening to me on 4.6.6. I didnt even think of the original /?q= paths as I've been running clean urls for so long. Thank you for the quick tip, Janne.

On a side note, I had to move my install from it's subdirectory to root. And it's working again. No big deal, but a more messy file structure.

I'll be updating to 4.7rc3 this week, so hoepfully everything there will run smoothly also.

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Its at it again...
I was changing some of the paths name and bamg cant get admin control to the site no errors messages nothing any ideas

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does /?q=admin work?

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You may need to bump up your memory in php.ini

-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
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-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
Drupal Best Practices Guide

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cheers sepeck

that seems to have done the trick(ini_set('memory_limit', '12M'); in the settings.php file)- where can i get some more info on the limitations of memory usage - I'm guessing the smaller amount of memory you set the sleeker you run, is it just module dependent or are there any other factors on memory

tks - I was shitting it there for a sec

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Drupal core runs on 8MB of RAM. As you add more modules, your memory consumption will go up. I'm not an expert at this tuning, so I just set mine to 24MB.

-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
Drupal Best Practices Guide -|- Black Mountain

-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
Drupal Best Practices Guide

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its at it again and the memory is now up to 24M and I still cant log in(I havent added any more modules to the site)... I also have checked the accesss logs and there seems to be some bots doing the rounds

any other ideas on what i can have a look at


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This happened to me while I was plugging around testing things. Happened when I logged out using the loggintobbagin module and I had to go to several other areas and then back (seemed like a session reset on my end) before it would display again.

Then again google-bot is crawl raping me for some reason, despite this subdomain being on for only two days and only linked from one place, probably because I had just recently put the google ads on the side bar.

Remind me to upload a robots.txt file first next, my error log is huge now from it attempting to crawl /admin

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Anyone find a solution for this? I am now stuck outside my site with it only spitting out <html<body></body></html> and a blank screen no matter what extension or system I am on, this happened after clicking on an article teaser...... now.... nothing...... drupal gone bye-bye.

Pior times I was able to recover and error log showed nothing. PHP error log shows no entry for the crash or the errors it is having now. No error logs, no screen...... just white.... with the source code opening and closing html and body.... and nothing in between.

.....so sad......

might be time for me to find another CMS, I have this thing in a closed Beta section right now. So this is what happened to it with like 3 categories, one article, and 2 comments, and three people total clicking around on it.

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It works if you go to here http://articles.youstockit.com/index.php so it really looks like you have a server of php config issue. Trying the 'increase' memory in settings.php is not a valid test. Does phpinfo() show that you have more meory? Are all the fancy scripts you have have take more memroy? Some code bug in your theme? Lots and lots of things for you to rule out.

-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
Drupal Best Practices Guide -|- Black Mountain

-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
Drupal Best Practices Guide

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all the cmputers on my network, firefox and ie show


as a blank screen as well, which leads me to believe it is an issue with some sessionid causing it to crap out. Also I have tried killing the header include that I had in the file manually and it is still giving the same issue.

It seems others are having this issue with just drupal running. I am having this issue with just drupal running, and no load. If you can get to it and I cannot locally then something (tm) is causing this issue that is session related maybe?

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update - suddenly http://articles.youstockit.com/?q=admin/block works, but http://articles.youstockit.com/?q=admin does not

wait.... after a single time of accessing http://articles.youstockit.com/?q=admin/block correctly I tried going to http://articles.youstockit.com/?q=admin, and now once again manually typing in http://articles.youstockit.com/?q=admin/block gives me a blank screen

hmmmm another test

http://articles.youstockit.com/?q=admin/menu works once.... trying http://articles.youstockit.com/?q=admin/logs/hits and it works, now back to http://articles.youstockit.com/?q=admin/menu - broken

now I bet /logs/hits will be broken and.... it is.

So, we have one shot one kill access from my end, and apparently remote users off of my netowkr can access it.

Any ideas?

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phpInfo doesn't show the memory settings.

I don't have a lot of anything on my test site and I'm getting this problem (5.1) all of a sudden.

Nancy W.
now running 4 sites on Drupal so far

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I've checked your site (http://articles.youstockit.com/index.php) a few minutes ago and it looks like you've switched your CMS solution to Joomla.

I got the same problem a few hours ago. After seeing your switch to Joomla, I tried to find the solution :-) I tried to disable the cache: Menu Administer > Settings > Cache settings > Page cache: Disabled.

Suddenly, I can access the web. Maybe the produced cache was error?

Hope that helps.

- I'm a CMS newbie. (This is my second week with Drupal)
- I don't read Drupal source code to find the solution. :-) So, it's very possible that my solution won't work

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but its been happening to my site too... and at the same time my hosting company complains of excessive cpu usage... truncating the cache and sesions table seems to have solved this issue for me.. so i am going to do it regularly as long as it keeps my site running.. there could be something wrong how sessions are being handled or something.. am a novice, but some expert here can surely throw some light....


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Do you mind telling us the specification of your server? (OS, MySQL version, modules installed)

Thank you

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Of course I have the same problem, with some interesting characteristics.

  • can't login to my about-to-go-live prod site
    • the login form fails to complete
    • i get a completely blank screen, not a single character in the source
    • i cannot access any registered user content (i.e. ?q=user/2 doesn't work for me. ?q=user takes me back to the login screen)
    • All anon user user content, works fine
    • not using clean urls
  • I can login to my test installation, with $db_url pointing to my prod site database
  • What I want to know is this:

    • If I login to my test site (connected to prod db), close the browser, and re-open the browser, I'm still logged in.
    • If I log into my test site (connected to prod db), close the browser, and open my prod site, I'm not logged in.

How does the system know?
What is being sent under the covers? Cookies? Something else? If I clear them what happens?
Is it linked to the url? Obviously my test system has a different url.

I've rebuilt my drupal prod installation from scratch. I've cleared my safari settings, history, cache etc.

What is a session id and how do I clear it?

I'm also interested that, in the life of Drupal, this seems to be a relevantly recent problem.

Any answers or ideas?

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Okay, as unlikely as it sounds, I think I've fixed my problem by reverting back to my test theme.

I read about theming issues in similar threads that dealt with blank screens, and it is the one non-db area I've been fooling with. I'm using chameleon, and have inserted a couple of extra divs for custom CSS use. Because it seemed like harmless formatting, I've been applying the changes directly to my prod site. In addition, I've recently changed how I'm dealing with my admin menu. And it's only the admin functions that produce a blank screen.

I'm not sure if this helps anyone else, and given the intermittancy of the problem I am yet to see if this is the underlying issue, but I'd say that it's worth a try to revert back to a tried & true theme, and see if this fixes the problem.


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First off thanks for the great work on 4.7 to anyone who reads this. I went from uploading the 4.7.2 package to having a fully functioning website with 27 registered users (transfering from a free PHPBB site) in less than 72 hours.

I had the same problem on the above mentioned site. It occured for both auth. sessions and visitor sessions. After stripping down to the core modules, setting the memory to 36M, going to the bluemarine theme, and turning off clean URLs - I still had the problem. Then I realize that caching was still enabled - disabled and the problem went away. Turned all of the modules back on, brought everything back to where the site was where it should be customized and all is well.

The key seems to be turning off the cache for whatever reason.

Here are the site stats as of this posting(sorry for the poor formating - simple cut and paste):

* This site's first publication was Sun, 06/04/2006 - 2:40pm.
* We have been online for 3 days 10 hours 15 min.
* Active registered user accounts: 28
* User accounts never activated: 2
* Disabled user accounts: 0
* Promoted Articles published in the last week: 20
* Promoted Articles published in the last month: 20
* Promoted Articles published in the last year: 20
* Promoted Articles published since this site was founded: 20
* Total User Content published in the last week: 80
* Total User Content published in the last month: 80
* Total User Content published in the last year: 80
* Total User Content published since this site was founded: 80
* Items in editorial queue, awaiting approval: 4

Content Type Total Published Total Reads
blog 20 534
book 3 72
forum 46 1943
page 4 129
poll 5 198
story 3 138

It Ain't Easy Being A Geek

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I have disabled the cache settings and I still get a blank page when trying to "administer" "modules"? Now I'm also getting blank pages when I search for certain terms. Other terms return a proper search results page?????

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Wanted to post that I had the same problem with the blank admin>tinymce>settings page. I had a fresh install of drupal 4.7.2, TinyMCE module 4.7.0 and TinyMCE Engine

The installation worked and I was able to enable the module, but the settings screen was blank. What I did was go into the mySQL database and created a record in the "tinymce_roles" table. Just made up a name for the 'name' column and left the other column blank. That made the settings screen appear and I could go in and edit the settings. (Now that I think of it, it might have been the "tinymce_settings" table that I did that to, so if this doesn't work try adding the record to "tinymce_settings...it was late last night!)

Now TinyMCE is up and running beautifully.

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I had a similar issue where all pages were blank, regardless if I manually attempted to enter the URl or not. I found the problem to be a damaged/corrupted table in the database that couldn't be opened. It was the sessions table, in this case. I deleted the table, and recreated it, and everything came right back up.

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Any time I touch the cache settings to turn it on, as tempting as it is.. my site starts handing out blank pages, almost randomly... well, that makes me turn the cache off immediately and the problem is gone for another couple weeks until I forget what a mess it is and go and turn it back on.... lesson? stay away from the cache, leave it off.

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is it always going to freak out when configuring modules?

I don't want to use something that is beta.

I've had numerous issues with drupal, not the least of which is the ease of installation and setup being NOT easy.

How is this helping me? I've already got 48 man hours into the INSTALL.


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if you read through the thread, you will see there appear to be multiple issue's happening and most appear to be server related with some posible php configration issue's tossed in.

-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
Drupal Best Practices Guide -|- Black Mountain

-Steven Peck
Test site, always start with a test site.
Drupal Best Practices Guide

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Brand new site, still in beta test, hardly any modules:

Drupal 4.7.3
Spam 2.1.2

Was working a week ago, I registered 2 dozen users.

This morning, home page was blank; tried on different browsers.
Was able to login as admin with /user/login however.
Then could see the home page.

Disabled the cache and seems to be working. Thanks to posters in this thread for that idea. The drupal community really sets drupal apart from the other CMS's out there.

One small weird side-effect: have clean URLs enabled, but after logging off, displays something like:
/?time=1159801718 appended to the regular URL on the URL line of the browser.

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I upgraded to beta 2 and all was fine until I tried to switch from bluebreeze back to garland. I've changed the .htaccess to include php_value memory_limit 32M, I've upped the memory in settings.php. I use only a few modules in this - newest of cck, calendar (plugin), various cck content types (whatever was available for 5), custom breadcrumbs, fckeditor, imce, views & bonus. In removing the theme engine, I can get the pages to show but no menu. No errors in the apache logs, no errors in watchdog.

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I have a similar (worse) problem.

I was editing the aggregator.module file (the html part) and suddenly the whole site went blank.

I saw a commengt about adding memory limit, so I added the following line
ini_set('memory_limit', '12M');

to the settings.php in sites/default folder.

still doesn't work. Any suggestion people?

My site is delvelearning.com


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Your edits to modules files may have some syntax errors in it...double check it and re-upload.

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Often confused with corrupt sessions etc.
IE if you delete the contents of your session table - you can temporarily get a page.

But the solution "for me" on v4.7.0



Thank YOU Harry!!!!


"might be user 0"

by Harry Slaughter - April 13, 2006 - 22:28

INSERT INTO users (uid, name, mail) VALUES ('0', '', '');
INSERT INTO users_roles (uid, rid) VALUES (0, 1);
INSERT INTO node_access VALUES (0, 0, 'all', 1, 0, 0);

will either return 'duplicate entry' warning (which is OK) **or** fix your problem.

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There are lots of similar problems seemed to be wrapped up in the same causes.

Mine was solved by turning of "cloaking" that my ISP used for URL redirects. They did this by wrapping the sub-domain in an invisible frame. All was fine for FireFox and IE 6, but Safari an and IE 7 had problems with it.


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I was having the same problem with my Drupal installation, and just fixed it.

The problem was in the template.php. Since I had been adding some functions to it, it seems I had left a few blank spaces (more like Enter Hits) at the end of the file (after the closing ?> tag). Because of this, some blank output was being sent to the browser, and the redirect to the welcome page wouldn't work (the typical headers already sent error).

I removed the Enter hits at the end of the template.php file, and it works just fine.

Hope this helps.

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Yep same problem and I was editing template.php. I had blank lines in the code AND blank lines AFTER ?> I removed these and the problem is solved. WOOT!