Here is what we be great if there is a way to do this:

Take a look at this image:

The item is a group, I want to be able to add multiple items to a single Node. Is there a way to have an "Add another Item" Button (e.g. Add another Group)

This would help a ton in workflow.


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You want to add groups to a node? You realize, of course, that groups themselves are nodes, not CCK fields? Because the "Add another item" button is for CCK fields, not nodes.

Can you be more specific about what you want to do?

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I want to add a fieldgroup basically I want groups to behave as fields instead of nodes so on one Node I can list multiple items of the same general layout:


Add more items to node.

WorldFallz’s picture is one attempt at this type of functionality. Alterntatively, a multigroup is available in the cck v3 -- might be worth a look.

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I tried flexifield and it shows promise but it was way to buggy at the moment,

Is there a stable version of CCK 3 available?

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that functionality would be awesome. I've tried several types of multigroups (cck3) and flexifelds, including combinations, and can't get it to work.

There's a discussion here:

CCK3 is available here:
It's dev, which "should never be used in a production environment", but I haven't had any problems yet.

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You can use Views to display listings of your Groups, that is, to display only the fields you want, in lists.