This is an issue for working on the text in the getting started page.


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Title: Create text for the "Getting Started" page in page manager advanced help » Error msg."ctools_object_cache' doesn't exist query....." don't know what to do
Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 6.x-1.1
Priority: Normal » Critical

user warning: Table 'xyz.ctools_object_cache' doesn't exist query: SELECT, s.uid, c.updated FROM ctools_object_cache c INNER JOIN sessions s ON c.sid = s.sid WHERE c.obj = 'page_manager_page' AND IN ('node_view','contact_user','user_view','poll','contact_site','term_view','search-node','search-profile','search-user','search-advanced_help','node_edit','page-Articles','page-frontpage','page-Art','page-ctools_plugin_example','page-ctools_plugin_example_base') ORDER BY c.updated ASC in /home/ on line 113.

above msg i am getting in panels 3. i have update.php clear cache reinstalled panels 3 views and ctool but no success. please help me out.

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Title: Error msg."ctools_object_cache' doesn't exist query....." don't know what to do » Create text for the "Getting Started" page in page manager advanced help
Version: 6.x-1.1 » 6.x-1.x-dev
Priority: Critical » Normal

What the hell? Why did you take over an existing issue for this?

Restoring values to original. Please do not attempt to use the issue queue again until you understand what you are doing.

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I didn't try to take over any issue. Simply clicking to report link after installing your module on my site brought me here. with this anger and bullying I will not be able to communicate any further. Just for an update that i simply gone back to panels 2 and will not update to panels 3 until you have any solutions for CT errors. sorry for any inconvenience. good luck, cheers!

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This is an issue for working on the text in the getting started page.

If I am angry, it is because you clearly did not read the above text when you clicked submit. Please go back a second and take a look at the values you changed in #1. If you still feel yourself blameless, then I'm glad I won't be receiving any more communication from you.

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Earl and I spoke about this some tonight.

I think this would work best as a series of at least 3-4 tutorials, in increasing range of difficulty (order subject to complete re-arrangement at any time) :P

1. A simple Front Page view, with a few blocks. The goal would be to cover the overall interface, options, etc. and some basic info about panels.

2. The "Taxonomy Drilldown" project I worked on tonight, that combines two views and passes an argument to each of them. This one touches on context, as well as the Views Panels module or whatever it was called.

3. A more in-depth context example could be creating the front page of Each of the 8 blocks of 5 titles should be implemented by creating a context via the contexts tab (so 8 contexts) and passing that context to a view.

4. To demo relationships, could do an Album => artist node reference tutorial.

5. To demo variants, we could make a node page that displays author profile information as well as the node itself, but only on blog posts, or similar. This would talk about selection rules, which are how you determine which variant to display.

Note: At the beginning, make it clear that these examples require Panels module. This will avoid users getting confused.

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Earl also says it makes sense to focus on how Views and Page Manager are less cooperative with each other than you might think, and this is an issue. When using a 'page' display in Views, it is greedy and will take over another module's page. When creating a page in Panels, it is respectful and will *not* take over another module's page. Page Manager tries to respect paths and validate. But if you do things in some orders, it can't.

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Version: 6.x-1.x-dev » 7.x-1.x-dev

I'm bumping this into the 7.x series as it's the most prominent link after clicking on the Status message "See the getting started guide for more information."

There is some documentation there. I haven't evaluated it, but also thought it would be useful to tag this issue.

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आसन तरीका बनावो बोहोत हि मुश्कील है drupal चालना. not a user friendly

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What language is it in and what does it say? What should it say?

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Just reviewing issues here.

I believe the best thing for this issue is to close it, possibly "Closed (outdated)".

I don't see any specific actions here other than to "create help text", and there is some text presented if you click on the link to 'See the getting started guide for more information" under admin/structure/pages.

While the existing help text is in need of improvement, I think that ship has sailed now we're in the era of D8.2.