Hi all, sorry for the silly question here... but I'm stumped.
I had Drupal running great in a test directory (called "drop")... but then I tried to change the directory to the root and I can't figure out how to configure all the links to work again.

Rather than going to mydomain.com they go to mydomain.com/drop

See what I mean?

Where is the setting to change the base installation URLs so they point properly now that I've changed the location of drupal? Thanks so much. -Charlie


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Look for "$base_url " in the file /sites/default/settings.php and change that to match the address to your drupal installation.

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just to add to this answer, you need to modify .htaccess if you have drupal installed in a subdirectory. look for RewriteBase and change it to RewriteBase /

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I'm so sorry, I found it...
I needed to change it in sites/default/setting.php

Sorry to have bothered you, thanks so much for providing such a great tool and community. All the best. -Charlie

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what about in drupal6?

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The same should work in Drupal6. The line is commented out, but should still work just fine.

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Doing this results in an error with Views.
After updating anything, I get just a long string of text. The only way to avoid this I've found is to keep the base URL without "www" on it, which is what it was originally. I'll try to fix this...

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ahhhh nevermind... typo.

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I have a similar problem with Drupal 6, but:

I first installed drupal only using an IP address. Drupal works excellent using only the ip. Can navigate through the entire site.
Got a domainname for my site and pointed it to the IP.
Only when I click links within drupal - It still calls all pages by IP since this is what I installed it with.
I know I can just uncomment the baseurl, but where oh where is Drupal storing the IP? I wanna replace it with the domain name of the site.

[edit] just saw this was for drupal 4

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Seems like u sorted out the problem... I am facing a similar problem but dont know wat to do .. its making me tear my hair out .. cant even locate where u re-posted this issue..

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Add a .htaccess on the parent directory, and put the following text to it,

RewriteEngine on

#index page
RewriteRule ^$ Drupal/index.php [L]

#the other pages
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule .* Drupal/$0 [L]

Go to your Drupal directory, changed the settings.php file which locates at default/settings.php.
Change the $base_url to your domain url, such as
$base_url = ‘http://www.domain.com

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I am newly working with drupal.I have created my website on localhost and i want to host it on server so i can't host it successfully because of database connectivity problems .so can you please tell me about database configuration in drupal and changing the paths in setttings.php,lock.inc.