Last updated 21 January 2014.

Feedback is critical to the continued success of Drupal, so thank you for making the effort.

To make sure your input reaches the right people, please consider the following:

  • On a module or theme: Does your feedback involve reporting a bug, offering your own code (a patch), or making a feature request to a specific module or theme? The project-specific issue queue is the best place to provide feedback. Read more about issue queues. You'll need to be logged into your account. Don't have one? Get a account set up.
  • On the documentation: You can edit the documentation directly if you have something to add, correct, or clarify. If you're unsure, add your correction as a comment instead.
  • On the website: Create an issue in the webmaster's queue.
  • On Drupal software usability: The Usability group at is conducting on-going discussions about improving the features of Drupal (e.g., the node editing form, the administrative panel) for the next version. Join the group, track the discussions and add your feedback. New users' feedback is especially welcomed in this group.
  • On translations: if your feedback is about one of any languages Drupal speaks, then you have two options to found the right audience listening your thoughts. If your comment relates specifically to one language, then you may want to visit the given Translation Team on's localization server. To hear your voice in generally about how we do localization, please feel free to open a new topic in the Translations Group.
  • On other things: Is the feedback something more general, like to say "thank you," or to provide insight about how you solved a particular problem? You can use the forums to share your knowledge. You could also write a blog post, and get your blog added to Drupal Planet.


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