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Kia ora DrupalSouth - stories, insights, Drupal

This month’s Drupal Spotlight is a Q&A snapshot from some amazing speakers and organisers behind the recent DrupalSouth in Auckland, New Zealand. We look in and beyond the code at the voices and perspectives of people building in Drupal and influencing our community, including how they got into technology, and vision for the future.

Community Spotlight: Rwandan enthusiasm for Drupal causes big challenge

For Ildephonse Bikino of Rwanda, it was supposed to be an uneventful Drupal Global Training Day call-out; he expected 50 people but he got 388! How do you deal with the logistics of training 388 people? That’s hard! Bikino was committed to the challenge. One session became eight over a number of weekends, and Bikino made sure everyone got the opportunity to attend!

Matthew Lechleider Community Spotlight

Picture of Matthew LechleiderMatthew Lechleider (Slurpee) has been active in the Drupal community for over a decade, and his hard work has directly led to an incredible amount of community growth. The founder of a Chicago Drupal User Group and our community’s chief advocate for the Google Summer of Code and Google Code-In programs, Matthew has been a key part of growing the Drupal project and our global community. Here's his Drupal story.

Richard Burford Community Spotlight

Richard Burford (psynaptic) was an active contributor in the Drupal community. After he joined the community in late 2006, he actively encouraged, organized, and mentored other community members, while also posting more than 1,100 commits.

Community Spotlight: Veronica Vedia (veronicanerak)

Veronica Vedia Profile PictureVeronica Vedia (veronicanerak) organized Women in Drupal at DrupalCamp Bolivia in 2014 alongside Karen Da Cruz and several other women. Veronica shared the story of how she went from anonymous Drupaler to community evangelist over email with the Drupal Association. Parts of this Community Spotlight have been transcribed from a medium.com article that Veronica wrote on her experience coordinating Women in Drupal.

Community Spotlight: Jibran Ijaz (Jibran)

Jibran Ijaz is a Drupal developer, and is the only Drupal Core contributor in Pakistan

Community Spotlight: Solomon Kitumba and Benjamin Lutaaya Kiyita

For our June community spotlight, we’d like to highlight the efforts of two men in Uganda who are working hard to grow their local community and bring more university students into the Drupal fold. In 2014, the two were awarded a Community Cultivation Grant for their Uganda University Drupal Tour program, which will be discussed in today’s spotlight.

Aaron Winborn Community Spotlight

Drupal users around the world know Aaron Winborn (aaron), a long-time community member who made countless contributions to the project and to the people who use it. From building the Media module to helping organize NYC Camp, Aaron had a massive impact on our community and our project.

Community Spotlight: Paul Johnson (pdjohnson)

It’s time for another community spotlight, and this month, we’re highlighting a community member who has made huge contributions to the success of the Drupal project and of DrupalCon — and not only through code.

Paul Johnson (pdjohnson) of Manchester is currently the Drupal Director of CTI Digital, and is the social media lead for most DrupalCons. He also maintains the @Drupal Twitter account. Paul has grown the DrupalCon social media program from a small following on twitter to a set of huge, engaged channels.

The Drupal Association sat down with Paul in late January to talk about some of his accomplishments and passions.

Community Spotlight on Emanuel Greucean, Maurits Dekkers, and Ernő Zsemlye

For this month’s community spotlight, we wanted to showcase three stellar Drupalistas who went above and beyond at the Dev Days Szeged sprints. Emanuel Greucean (gremy), Maurits Dekkers (Mauzeh), and Ernő Zsemlye (zserno) all made big contributions to the project at Dev Days Szeged. Here’s a little bit about each.

Community Spotlight: Lee Rowlands (larowlan)

Lee RowlandsSince joining Drupal.org in 2007, Lee Rowlands (larowlan) has been an important contributor to the Drupal project. A major core contributor and Drupal 8 advocate, Rowlands has become a well-recognized and celebrated member of the Drupal community.

Rowlands is an important Drupal figure in Australia, and has spoken at DrupalCamp Brisbane 2010, Drupal Downunder Melbourne 2012, DrupalCon Sydney 2013 and Drupal South Wellington 2014. An occasional mentor during Drupal Office Hours in the Australian timezone (GMT+10), Rowlands is also a well-recognized figure in the international Drupal community for his involvement with core and his contributions to a huge variety of projects on Drupal.org.

How did you get involved with Drupal?

Jim Morrison and a naked native american came to me in a dream and told me it was my destiny. Just kidding. I started up my own IT consulting business and I'd built a couple of Drupal 5 sites.

Community Spotlight: Scott Reynen

Scott Reynen has done some fun things in the Drupal community. Some notable examples:

  • Coordinated many meetups in Denver ensuring they happen, with interesting topics, and tasty pizza options
  • Helped to organize several Drupalcamps in Colorado (which will be June 29th/30 in 2013)
  • Presents on various topics at Drupalcamps
  • Helps as one of the 3 site maintainers for groups.drupal.org
  • Is an active Project Application queue reviewer heavily interested in new-contributor-onboarding and project quality
  • Takes care of abandoned projects and ownership requests in the Webmasters queue
  • And does a pretty darn good job as the maintainer for modules like @font-your-face.

How did you get involved with Drupal?

About 4 years ago, I took a job as a developer with Aten Design Group, where we do mostly Drupal projects. At the time, I was pretty skeptical of content management systems, after frustrating experiences with both WordPress and Joomla. But I quickly grew to appreciate Drupal’s modular architecture.

What do you do with Drupal these days?

Community Spotlight: Jess (xjm)

Jess (Drupal.org username xjm) is a Drupal developer, core contributor, module maintainer, and mentor, and just plain all-around awesome! She is a web developer for the University of Wisconsin's Department of Family Medicine. She also volunteers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum.

Jess has made many contributions to Drupal, including roles as:

Community Spotlight: Klaus Purer (klausi)

Klaus Purer is a member of the Drupal community who has been recently been extremely active with project applications. How active? In the last 30 days he has commented on almost twice as many projects as the next most prolific commenter. Even though he just got involved in the last month, he's tied for most reviews of the most projects in the last 6 months!

Community Spotlight: Melissa Anderson (eliza411)

Despite Melissa Anderson (eliza411)'s low user number on Drupal.org, she was a relatively quiet contributor until about halfway through the Great Git Migration, when she took over as project manager of that huge undertaking. Melissa’s scope, focus, and competence [editor’s note: a dreadful understatement!] continue to amaze everyone, and she is generally accepted as a fundamental reason that the Git Migration was completed on schedule and to such great reception.

Hailing from a small Alaska town with a background in education, Melissa is now officially co-lead of the Git Project with Sam Boyer. Randy Fay, Sam Boyer, and the entire Git migration team have nominated Melissa in honor of her incredible contribution.

To get to know her a little better, we asked Melissa a few questions:

How did you get involved in Drupal? Seems like it was a while ago...

I needed a solution for managing information in a public way. I tried Postnuke, but it was a complete #fail. Some very interesting friends recommended Mambo (now Joomla) and Drupal.

Community Spotlight: Neil Drumm

Neil Drumm (drumm) has been an active contributor to Drupal for over 7 years. He has attended every DrupalCon, often as a presenter. Besides contributing to many Drupal modules and other projects, Neil can be found working as:

  • Lead architect for drupal.org, hired by the Drupal Association
  • Maintainer of api.drupal.org
  • The (recently retired) Drupal 5 maintainer
  • A member of the Drupal Association General Assembly
  • A member of the Security team

In addition, Neil is whip-smart and great to work with. He has a lot of friends and fans in the Drupal community (he even has a Twitter-based impersonator)!

Ariane Khachatourians

Ariane Khachatourians (arianek) is a tireless contributor and maintainer of the Drupal.org documentation. She's the single most active person in setting the direction for the Documentation, and by far one of the biggest contributors. Take a look at her tracker to see where she's been lately.

She is...

And to top it off, a really nice person who just keeps working to make Drupaldom a better and happier place. And who is succeeding at that.

Greg Knaddison (greggles)

Greg (drupal.org user greggles) is a developer, site builder, security analyst, and trainer for Growing Venture Solutions.

Greg’s many contributions to Drupal:

Henrik Danielsson (TwoD)

He may not be known to everyone yet. Henrik Danielsson (TwoD) suddenly appeared out of nowhere approximately 18 months ago and started to post a couple of pretty solid patches to Wysiwyg module's queue. In case you do not know the Wysiwyg module yet: It allows you to integrate any kind of client-side content editor (WYSIWYG) with Drupal by building a communication layer between Drupal forms and the actual editor(s). Thus, working on the project requires a solid knowledge and highly advanced expertise of Drupal's Form API, Filter API, JavaScript, and lastly every individual editor library.

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