Hello this is an advice website that I have been building for a few months now.

A few modules that I use on the site in general are:
Christmas Snow (for the effects)
PM Lite
Nodes as block

Every time you click a user's advice you get redirected to a page that has these contents:
Right Side (content ad)
Advice Category (theme editing)
Users can then comment "posting advice" to other users who ask the advice.

Few pictures/words are available on certain pages, for example:
When a user ask an advice, they see an image that gives them tips on asking the advice.
This image is only viewable on that page only.

Another example is when a user answer an advice they see a text, that gives them tips on answering the advice.

When a user submits a content "advice" this content is automatically publish to the front page.

In general this website is build from the points module. Every time a user ask an advice, they lose "-1 points" when a user gives an advice they earn "+3 points".

The website is also based on articles submitted by certain users on the site.

When you click on each category on the website, you are directed to a different section of the site that gives you other users that has posted under this category.
Unfortunately, I cannot tell you every little detail. Afraid that someone will take the same concept and duplicate it.

Please, I will like to hear your thoughts on this website, what I can improve on, what does not need to be there, etc. Every opinion matters!

Hope you like it!


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Nice clean, uncluttered layout.

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thank you!

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cool! what kind of prize for the most points over a period of time? you could hook up with a company and offer prizes
the site is very nice. and the points thing is clever.

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Funny thing you said!
I actually hooked up with a company called (mistrientertainment.com) and it was a 6-week contest.
The user with the most points, got the prize at the end of the 6-week period.

The prize was a brand new ipod touch 8gb player.
It went very smoothly, and lots of people were signing up/participating.