I'm using Drupal CVS to make a website for a friend.

He want a gallery on it but the current gallery module (cvs) do not work with drupal CVS.

Also, there are 2 versions of that module:
first here: http://jpmullan.com/galleryupdates/
second here: http://drupal.org/project/gallery

Wich one to take?

What is the best media manager for drupal CVS ?



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There was good progress under drupal v. 4.6.

I guess it is a little frustrating to work on this module since both projects are still under heavy development. G2 is out for a while but v2.1 might be just around the corner with some new API changes.
Drupal 4.7 has also changed a lot from 4.6.

I surely hope that the g2 integration will be up to date soon. the fact that the Gallery-project is using drupal for their site hopefully works in our favour.

As far as I know the only alternative is acidfree. That is not a full blown solution as gallery2. I guess we'll just have to wait for a while...

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I much prefer using flickr's great interface for uploading/managing pictures, their *bandwidth* and overall resources.

While Drupal has a flickr module, I just used a separate library and a really, really small php snippet to make: http://www.lvchs.org/in-pictures

With some minor mods, it can probably do exactly what you need.

I posted some specifics in: http://drupal.org/node/47294 and would be more than willing to try to make the gallery thumbnail appearance what you might be looking for (though my CSS is not of the caliber of most of the veterans on this site).